Top Orlando Animal Shelters to Adopt Puppies and Dogs 


Congratulations on your decision to adopt a dog. 

There are millions of pups living each day in animal shelters while waiting for their new family to come and find them. If you have heard horror stories about shelters allowing people to adopt aggressive, sick, or even dying dogs, then you want to be cautious about the shelters you patronize. 

Here’s everything you need to know about staying safe while finding your new best fur friend at an animal shelter. 

What to Look for in an Animal Shelter

Not all animal shelters are created equal. So, knowing what to look for can help you choose the best place to adopt your new pup. Consider the following before taking the leap. 

  • Always make sure you can meet your new dog before the formal adoption. This is especially the case for those pups you see online or in social media posts at various shelters. 
  • Never adopt from a shelter that is adopting puppies younger than 8 weeks old. 
  • Dismiss shelters that pressure you – or rush you – into adoption.
  • Look for those with good, open communication – and transparency. 
  • Make sure they have a veterinarian on staff and that all dogs are examined and cared for prior to adoption.  
  • Find a shelter that takes a dog’s emotional and mental health into consideration with their care. 

Trust your instincts. When you know you are in the right place, you will feel it. 

Top Orlando Animal Shelters

Dogs do not ask to be dropped off at shelters and they are all worthy of a new home. So, essentially, adopting a dog or puppy from any reputable shelter can save their life – and change yours. However, if you are looking for the top Orlando animal shelters, then you will definitely want to check these out:

  • Lotsa Love Pet Rescue & Adoptions
  • A New Beginning Pet Rescue, Inc. 
  • Puppy Pleasers Rescue
  • Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando
  • Orange County Animal Services
  • Happy Trails Animal Rescue
  • Second Chance Animal Rescue and Sanctuary
  • Pet Rescue by Judy
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From puppies to seniors and every dog in between – including those with special needs – you can find them at the animal shelters throughout the greater Orlando area. 

Troops from Scoop Soldiers are stationed in and around the Orlando, FL area just waiting to freshen your pup’s turf. With services that include pet waste removal, sanitization, and deodorizer, you can feel confident you are giving your new cadet the best start to a new life. Go on, show him what it is like to live the best life ever.