The Largest Zoo in the United States

The Largest Zoo in the United States.
The Largest Zoo in the United States.

The Largest Zoo in the United States.The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is the largest zoo in the United States, as well as one of the most popular tourist destinations. Combined with its extensive and diverse collection of animals from all over the world, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is ranked within the top 10 Zoos in North America. You’ll be amazed by what you’ll get to know about this zoo in this article.

The Largest Zoo in the United States

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is the largest zoo in the United States. It also has a few other zoos that vie for the title of “largest”: The Wilds, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Zoo Miami or Lion Country Safari. But these are not traditional zoos so we’re going with Columbus as the most authentic representation of what a zoo is.

History of the Largest Zoo in the United States:

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium was founded in 1927, and has been home to both land and marine animals from Ohio ever since. It was the first zoo in Columbus, which opened in May 1905. It closed for unknown reasons in October 1905. When the zoo first started it consisted of only 21 acres of riverfront property near a historic district.

After much struggle, Harry P. Wolfe bought various exotic animals at Franklin Park Conservatory and kept them there. However, it was only in 1932 that construction began on the first building with its large tiger and lion exhibits. In 1937, Columbus Municipal Zoo became known as Columbus Zoo


The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is located in Liberty Township, Ohio, which is north of Columbus. The zoo covers a massive area of 582 acres. It actually only occupies 406.3 acres of land while other events take place on the rest.

Animals at Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Many large and small animals can be found at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, including a variety of endangered species. Coming to visit includes the distinct experience of an animal encounter that is unique and unforgettable!

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In addition to meeting all these animals, visitors will also see such beautiful sights as penguins, wolves, lions, giraffes, red pandas, and many more. The Columbus Zoo is committed to protecting endangered species on their own turf with exceptional success.

Programs offered by the zoo

The zoo’s goal is to give visitors a thrilling experience while educating them about the animals they’ll see in the zoo. There are also summer camps that teach children about different animals at the zoo.

Recreational Facilities And Exhibits

With a wide variety of exhibits, recreational facilities, and amenities, the zoo is an exciting place to visit. A water park, an amusement park, and eighteen-hole golf course add to the attractions of this attraction.

Prominent Zoo Keeper Jack Hanna

Jack Hanna is an influential television personality and renowned zoologist. He’s famous for his work on many popular television shows such as The Late Show with David Letterman and Good Morning America. As a result of these activities, Jack has used his celebrity to bring attention to animal conservation and promote awareness about the natural world.

Columbus Zoo And Aquarium Fame

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is one of the most famous zoos in the United States. With more than 3 million visitors a year, it’s also the largest zoo in America and boasts a coral reef that is considered to be the largest in America.

Conservation And Education

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is dedicated to conservation, which is why it partners with a variety of companies on wildlife education programs. One of its partners is The Wilds in Ohio. The Wilds also provides visitors with a wide variety of animals such as ostriches, zebras, deer, bison, and more.

Main Attractions at Columbus Zoo

There are many attractions for visitors at Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. The most popular among them are:

  • Zoombezi Bay

Columbus, Ohio features Zoombezi Bay, a 22.7 acre water park with 17 slides and 6 amusement rides like Jungle Jack’s Landing. You can indulge in a private cabana, explore various dry rides at the Landing (if you don’t feel like getting wet), lunch, snack or drink from the on-site service.

  • 4-D Theater

With 4-D, your senses are engaged throughout the entire show. The audience won’t want to miss it!

  • Wildlights

The Wildlights experience is sure to be a theatrical and festive show. There are animated light shows, animated animals, and the opportunity to tour with Santa. The nighttime adventure attracts thousands of guests every year.

Transportation Facility Inside Columbus Zoo:

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, ranked amongst the best zoos in the world, has three modes of transportation other than walking. These include the train, tram, or even boatrides. However, no one is allowed to bring their vehicle inside the zoo. Most people prefer vehicles outside at this location because of how they’re harmful to animals and the environment. This is why Columbus Zoo focuses on creating spaces that are safe for its creatures.

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Places To Go Inside The Columbus Zoo And Aquarium

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium offers attractions to visit for many families in the area. The zoo itself has a variety of different locations, including animals in enclosures, an aviary, and fountains.

  • Congo Expedition Forest
  • At Pirate Island, we’re all about partnering with the coolest small businesses in the world.
  • Amusement rides
  • Live shows
  • Shop and buy
  • Eating

Alluring Areas In The Columbus Zoo

The zoo’s grounds are divided into different exhibit groups. Within each group, the zoo showcases an individual region of the world. The newly constructed parts offer more immersive experiences than those old exhibit groups.

1. Adventure Cove:

Adventure Cove is one of the new regions at the Columbus Zoo that was opened in 2020. Adventure Cove contains:

  • Jack Hanna’s Animal Encounter Village

One of the main features that sets Daytrip Bay apart from other amusement parks is that it is never the same day twice. The park is constantly changing and the large variety of activities available means you’ll never be bored.

  • Pool For Harbor Seals And California Sea Lion

One of the most popular regions in Adventure Cove is the newest pen, which is next to one of our harbor seals and ten sea lions. Check it out!

  • Stingray Bay

We’re sorry, but this content is currently unavailable for some reason. Please come back later.

  • Swift fox
  • Harbor seal is a brand of seal

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  • Eastern screech owl
  • Southern Stingray
  • Gopher tortoise

2. Heart Of Africa:

To the east and north of the zoo is the largest region of the whole zoo: Heart of Africa. Walk around and see some exotic African land animals, including African lions that sleep in the shade, a caravan of camels that parade around, a cheetah running through its watering hole, and wildebeest and zebras pursuing gazelles. There are many animals in this particular section of the zoo, but here are just a handful: Lions, Camels, Cheetah

  • African Lion
  • Greater kudu
  • Gazelle
  • Masai giraffes
  • Cheetah is an app for making awesome slideshows.
  • Reticulated giraffes
  • Grant’s zebra
  • Gazelle
  • Rhim gazelle
  • African green monkey
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The hearts of Africa are truly hidden treasures. Among them is the Kalahari waterhole which is a basin in an enclosure designed so that different animals continually arrive and depart from it. Visitors can only spot a few species around the watering hole at one time because it is constantly changing with new wildlife pouring in and old ones leaving every day. Nine animals who keep coming to the heart of Africa’s watering hole are,

3. Polar Frontier:

This is a sentence rewriter, could also be worded: Here at Columbia Zoo and Aquarium, visitors can catch a glimpse of awe-inspiring polar bears who live here peacefully. This exhibit features roaming Alaskan brown bears, playful polar bears, the wolves that howl in the morning at 10am and 9pm, hear a bald eagle’s scream during its migration to South America, and take photos with your friends.

4. Australia & The Islands:

What’s the East Bank? This area is on the eastern bank of the Scioto River, which is located on the zoo’s far west side. The roadhouse exhibit has been accessible since 2003 and in 2004, the koala habitat, kangaroo walkabout, and lorikeet aviary were all opened. In Australia and the island region, visit “down under,” see gibbons swinging on trees, see kangaroos hopping around and stand right next to a breathless dragon.

5. Tours And Behind The Scenes Experiences:

There are many opportunities for you to get up close and personal with wildlife at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Here’s what you can explore outside of the zoo, and inside of it:

  • Night hikes
  • Check out the Twilight Tour
  • Get up close and personal with animals from around the globe at Jack Hanna’s Animal Encounters Village Experience.
  • Animal Health Center Trip
  • Experienced animal Programs
  • Red Panda Experience
  • Heart Of Savannah tour
  • Sea and sea lion experience

With VIP access to behind-the-scenes development, you’ll get a sneak peek at how the company is digitally enhancing your photo collections and getting more out of their marketing efforts through innovative product integration.

  • Cheetah Experience
  • Elephant Bath Service
  • Reindeer Experience

Final Words:

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is the largest zoo in America and has a lot of animals.

The zoo’s scale isn’t just about the animals. There are also a lot of other entertainment opportunities available, such as browsing discovery exhibits that give visitors an extensive view of different biospheres across the world.

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is America’s largest zoo and home to a wide variety of endangered animals. Throughout the year, they offer many programs designed to conserve and educate the public on these endangered species.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is a huge library of animal species and many attractions to explore. Every visitor will be completely enthralled by their visit here no matter how busy they are, so don’t miss out on the opportunity!