Cheap Portable Storage Hire in Melbourne


For the last ten years, portable storage has been rising in popularity because of its convenience and affordable price. This system is designed to give customers the best storage and moving experience.

In this article, you will know more about portable storage, how it works, and how to find cheap portable storage containers in Melbourne.

What Is Portable Storage?

So, what exactly is portable storage?

Portable storage is a convenient storage service where you, as a customer, don’t have to hassle. The company will deliver the storage container straight to your house and collect it for storage once it is loaded.

Moreover, you have the freedom to choose where you want to store the container. You can either store it in the storage facility provided by the company or you can store it on your premises. 

Portable storage itself have some options that catered to different needs, such as;

  • Portable serviced storage, where you hand everything to the company. They handle the delivering, loading, and storing of the unit.
  • Portable self storage, where the company delivers the unit to you, waits for you to load it, and collects it once you are ready.
  • Onsite self storage, where the company delivers the unit to you, lets you load it, and store the unit in your premises.

Portable Storage Benefits You Will Enjoy

So, what are the benefits of portable storage? Let us list the obvious advantages you can get from this service.

  • You don’t have to go back and forth to deliver your things. You just need to wait for the unit to come to you.
  • The portable serviced storage helps you relax and hand over the hard bits to the company.
  • The storage facility is equipped with top of the line security measures such as CCTV and alarm systems.
  • The storage unit is designed to withstand weather and keep your belongings water, dust, and vermin proof.
  • Perfectly curated for every need. You can choose the best container size that is just enough for your things.
  • Portable storage is up to 50% cheaper than a traditional self storage unit
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Average Costs and How to Find a Cheap Portable Storage Hire in Melbourne

How much is the average cost for portable storage in Melbourne?

The cost of a container depends on the size you choose. There are a range of standard sizes, starting from 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, to 20 ft. So, here is the breakdown of average prices per size;

  • 6ft (10 m3) → $22.95 per week (can fit 2 standard bedroom worth of things)
  • 8ft (12 m3) → $24.95 per week (can fit 2.5 standard bedroom worth of things)
  • 10ft (19 m3) → $34.95 per week (can fit 3 standard bedroom worth of things)
  • 20ft (38 m3) → $59.95 per week (can fit 3-4 standard bedroom worth of things)

Now that you know the average price, how can you choose the cheapest portable storage hire? The first step would be to open Google and search for a list of companies. 

You will get multiple results, of course, but there is an easy way to choose. The key is to ask for how much they charge for a cubic metre (m3). 

Once you get how much they charge for 1 m3, measure your belongings into cubic metres (Length x Width x Height) and determine how many cubic metres you need.

After that, choose the right size of container based on the cubic metres of your belongings. Then, compare the prices.


Portable serviced storage is the modern solution to an ongoing problem. It rose to popularity due to its convenience and affordable rates. It has three different types of services that cater to specific needs and satisfy many customers.

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The average price of portable storage service is $2 per cubic metres and it is pretty cheap, especially for the service given. It is also really easy to find a cheap portable storage hire in Melbourne and compare prices through Google search.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you can confidently choose a good company with the right price for your needs.