Angel Bites Piercing

Angel Bites Piercing

Do you think about the right look for you? Are you imagining how you will look after having yourself pierced with an Angel Bites Piercing? Are you confused about the pain and healing time? The first and foremost thing for us is to make the decision easy for you.

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What are Angel Bites Piercing

Angel bites piercing is the perforation on both sides of the upper lips symmetrically. It looks cool. Angel Bite is a combination of two popular piercing types: Madonna piercing, which is on the right side of the upper lip, and Monroe piercing, which is on the left side of the upper lip. When both piercing types are applied together will come up as Angel Bites Piercing. You may combine this piercing type with other piercing types to look more trendy and fashionable among your friends. Furthermore, you may see more pictures in this post and imagine the way you may look.

angel bites piercing with smile
angel bites lip piercing

Pros and Cons


  • You will have a unique style and a unique look. Undoubtedly, you will have a new trendy look which will make you more prominent.
  • Angel Bites Piercing is quite easy, and healing time is good. This is, obviously, a huge plus point for anyone thinking about the procedure.
  • There are several options for various types of jewelry that are available in the market. So you do not need to worry about what to wear.
  • Above all, this is a new fashion, just like thinking about new clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc. So it is wonderful if you want to express yourself in this way.


  • If not cared for, lip piercing may lead to natural infections. And that may be avoided by acting upon the guidelines of a professional piercer. You can avoid them by following the aftercare instructions. We have mentioned above some of those.
  • Upper lips have the end of the nerve area, causing irritation and loss of blood if not done properly.
  • Moreover, if you are sensitive about specific metal jewelry, you may feel reactions on the skin.
  • Angel Bite Piercing has two perforations on both sides of the upper lip. So the best thing you can do is to go for one perforation at one time to avoid more pain.
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angel bites piercing image


Naturally, this is something you would like to know if you are thinking about it. First of all, hygienic environment and sterilized equipment, as well as new packed tools. Undoubtedly, those are the most important things whenever you go for any type of piercing. Don’t forget to make sure everything is good to avoid any kind of infection later on.

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The professional piercer would mark the upper lip with a surgical pen. This is important to make sure that everything goes right and helps to illustrate the piercing position. As a result, marking will let you know where exactly you are going to have the first one perforation.

After the marking, the professional piercer will hold the lip with an exclusive clamp. Using the special clamp has multiple reasons behind it. He would then insert a labret inside your lip through the clamp. The insertion may be upside down or from down to up. Undoubtedly, it all depends on the piercer experience, whatever he feels easy. Lastly, he may cut the labret and screw a ball on the top.

Angel Bites Piercing Procedure (Videos)

How Much Does Angel Bites Piercing Hurt

If we make a pain scale meter for you to understand how much it hurts and the scale has level 1 (lease painful) to level 10 (most painful), we shall give it a level 5.

The fact is that pain tolerance varies from person to person. Every individual has a different pain tolerance level. This is the nerve ending area, and several muscles present in this area can cause sudden pain.  This sudden pain can feel like a pinch. We can never ignore how a professional piercer is doing it efficiently, causing less pain.  But the fact is that the body reacts to any change in the body, which is a normal thing.

Despite the quick procedure, you may feel some discomfort. And there may be some soreness or swelling around the lip, which may remain for 2-3 days. But whenever you think that you may consult with the piercer or the doctor, do not hesitate to do so.

men angel bite piercing
gorgeous upper lips jewelry

Suggestion for Less Pain

First of all, you must always choose the best and experienced piercer in the area. This may help you in several ways throughout the whole piercing process. The fact is that the experience may also reduce the pain. The reason is that professional deals with several clients daily. There is a good chance that he might have developed a way that could help in hurting less.

Secondly, the suggestion for Angle Bites Piercing is that get perforation for one side first. The lip may face minor swelling after the procedure. So going for both of the sides of the lip may have more pain. So the best thing you can do is go again for the other side of the lip to complete Angle Bites.

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Healing Time and Aftercare

When thinking about any type of piercing, there is always a question about healing time and aftercare.

Healing time can go up to 3 months. Usually, it takes 2 to 3 months for proper heal. Healing time also depends upon the aftercare that you perform.

There is no other question that the aftercare has huge importance to heal in less time without any chance of infection.
For proper aftercare, you may also use some aftercare products. You should also change your everyday routine to keep it safe from infection. Few essential things you can do includes:

Habits You Must Adopt During Healing

  • Always practice good oral hygiene.
  • Wash the region around the piercing with a good anti-bacterial soap twice a day.
  • Always brush your teeth with a brush having soft bristles whenever you finish eating something.
  • Use proper mouthwash.
  • Use saltwater to wash the lip’s perforated outer side with cotton, which will surely fasten the healing time.
  • Have cold foods like ice cream to reduce the chances of swelling.
  • Always touch the region of piercing with clean hands.

Things You Must Avoid During Healing

  • Do not try removing the labret or any jewelry before proper heal.
  • You must avoid alcohol-containing drinks until the proper heal.
  • Do not forget to avoid spicy foods that may irritate the piercing area until it heals.
  • Avoid any place or anything that may be unhygienic swimming in a public place to avoid any chance of infection.
  • Avoid sharing cups, spoons, etc., until it heals.

Read About Lip Piercing Aftercare Guide

Best Aftercare Products

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There are some great products for you to take care of your piercing. Let us mention some of those.

1- Urban ReLeaf Piercing SolutionHealing Sea Salts & Tea Tree AFTERCARE

  • Safely clean, disinfect and heal your new and stretched piercings
  • 100% natural
  • Safe for all skin types

2- H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray – Sea Salt Solution to clean your body & oral piercings.

  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Safe for all skin types

3- Urban ReLeaf Piercing Care – Healing Sea Salts & Botanical Aftercare

  • Effective Non-iodized. Vitamin Rich. Dead Sea Salt & Botanicals
  • Safely clean, disinfect and heal your new and stretched piercings
  • 100% natural

4- NeilMed NeilCleanse – Piercing Aftercare

  • Sterile, drug-free, and preservative-free
  • No burning or stinging
  • Portable, convenient for travel or on-the-go

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cool angel bite piercing

Cleaning The Angel Bites Lip Piercing

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Yes, there are several aftercare products available, but can we make something on our own at home? Or we are bound to use something only available in the market. Whatever you decide, the way you clean the pierced region is important. As we have mentioned above, you must use a good anti-bacterial mouth wash to avoid an infection we are concerned about, especially after eating flush food.

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Saltwater can be a good choice, too, when we are concerned about inner cleanliness. We must consider the fact that there is a labret going through the lip, so it becomes crucial to clear thoroughly.

While cleaning the outer part, you may use a saline mixture and use a tissue dipping in the saline mixture and cleaning the lip’s outer side.

We can make the saline solution at home quickly by following these steps:

  • Get regular table salt or sea salt.
  • Make sure it is iodine-free
  • Put ½ teaspoon salt in a cup.
  • Add 8 ounces of water.
  • Stir well
  • Make it hot in some microwave or stove but don’t make it too hot.
  • Then make it cool under room temperature.
  • Finally, pour the solution into a plastic storage container.
angel bites piercing pretty looks
angel bites piercing best

What Are The Risks

Though piercing is an excellent idea to look modern and follow yourself if your instinct tells you to do so, there are still several risks involved in the whole process. Some might be in your mind, but always there can be some of those which you never thought about. Let us tell you a few risks if you are thinking about the procedure. Some of these are associated not only with Angel Bite Piercing but with all other types too. Few risks include:

  • Bacterial infection (Chances may be reduced to zero if you follow the piercer’s instructions and those which we have been mentioned above).
  • Swelling (Certainly, you may reduce the risk if you follow aftercare instructions carefully as instructed by the piercer and those which have been discussed above).
  • Allergic reactions (May involve the jewelry you use). Must inform about anything related you are allergic to.
  • Dental and gum infections such as gum damage and chipped teeth (You may reduce the risk if you follow aftercare instructions carefully as instructed by the piercer and those discussed above ).

Angel Bites Experience (Video)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=” What are angel bites?” answer-0=”Angel bites piercing is a type of piercing in which perforation on both sides of the upper lips. It is also called the combination of two different types of piercing Madonna and Monroe.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What are some of the risks of angel bites piercing?” answer-1=” There are few risks involved like bacterial infections, swelling, allergic reactions, teeth, and gum infections, which may be reduced by following proper guidelines.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=” How much does angel bite piercing hurt?” answer-2=” The puncture may be performed quickly. But you may feel some discomfort due to the nerve ending in this area of the lip. And there may be some soreness or swelling around the lip for 2-3 days. Pain can be reduced by following the proper guidelines.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”Is lip piercing dangerous?” answer-3=”Lip piercing may turn into an infection. This may happen if aftercare instructions are not adequately followed or the piercing has not been done correctly. This includes using the right sterilized tools, without a doubt. In the care of any problem, consult your doctor immediately.” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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