Horizontal Lip Piercing

horizontal lip piercing

Do you think about a piercing, which is evidently awesome? Also, you might have plans to try something new, which makes you look bold and fashionable at the same time. Or you may want to try something different, which makes you unique. Then a Horizontal Lip Piercing is something you should consider. Let us tell you everything about Horizontal Labret Piercing in great detail.

What Is A Horizontal Lip Piercing?

Horizontal lip piercing is a piercing in which two perforations are made on the lower lip with single jewelry, i.e., a barbell having two visible ends. A Horizontal Labret Piercing may also be done on upper lips, but it is always preferred on the lower lip due to wide-area availability. Also, it becomes much more evident on the lower lip as compared to the upper lip.

Horizontal Lip Piercing is famous among both genders. But you may not be able to use a different kind of jewelry you see in other piercings. But still, the way it looks with the available choice you have makes it look awesome. We shall mention some pros and cons of Horizontal Labret Piercing.

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horizontal labret piercing

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Pros and Cons of Horizontal Labret Piercing

You may already know some of the pros and cons of Horizontal Lip Piercing, but let us mention them here for your information.


  • It is quite evident. That is the reason you will love it. This may be the most loveable thing for someone to have something evident and unique simultaneously, making your looks much more amazing.
  • While interacting, people will not be able to take their eyes off.
  • It will draw everyone’s attention because it is not very common. That is the reason you will enjoy having Horizontal Labret Piercing.
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  • You will have scars if it migrates. Yes, it is true. There are some parts of the body where you do not get scars after removing the piercing. If you have, those are still not prominent compared to having them on lips, which are evident as mentioned before. Those scars may be permanent, and you will not be able to find any solution to remove them. Not even with a plastic surgery
  • There is a chance of rejection (even after a few days) due to the piercing involving the lip’s thin tissue.
  • You do not have a massive choice of jewelry to try. Also, the lower lip is a sensitive area; hence you would prefer lightweight jewelry.
  • Horizontal Lip Piercing is quite painful due to the sensitive tissues present in this area. Each individual has a different level of pain tolerance, but still, it hurts more than some other piercings.

Procedure Of Horizontal Labret Piercing

Before the procedure, always try to find the best and professional piercer in your area who has a good reputation. You will never want to have any problem later on. Make sure the tools that are used are properly sterilized and individually packed.

The professional piercer will first mark the location with a surgical pen to make the perforation. Here the perforations may be close or at a distance depending upon the anatomy of the lip or the individual choice. At this point, you can have an idea where exactly you will have the perforations. The professional piercer will then hold the lower lip with a surgical clamp and use a needle to make the horizontal perforation following a bar. He will then screw the balls at the end of the procedure.

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Procedure Videos

How Much Does Horizontal Lip Piercing Hurt

As we mentioned earlier, each individual has a different level of pain tolerance. But we always take things on a general level. On a pain scale meter having level 1 (least painful) to a level 10 (most painful), Horizontal Lip Piercing is a 5. Pain mainly depends on several other factors, including professional piercer, the jewelry or needle gauge used, and lip anatomy, which includes tissue thickness. You may use some pain killers with the advice of your doctor if you need to.

Healing Time And Aftercare

The first thing you start thinking about having a Horizontal Labret Piercing procedure is the healing time. Healing time mainly depends upon how you follow the aftercare instructions. You can fasten the healing time undoubtedly. Usually, Horizontal Lip Piercing takes 6 to 8 weeks to heal. You must avoid many things and maintain better hygiene during the healing time, which we have mentioned below in the aftercare section.

Do not worry at all if your lips swell after the procedure for some days. You may also feel some soreness, tenderness, light bleeding, and throbbing, but all these symptoms are quite normal unless they last for a longer time.

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Always Look For Signs Of Infection

You must always look for any signs which indicate infection. As we have mentioned that swelling and soreness after the horizontal labret piercing procedure is quite normal unless they last longer. Also, the white liquid on the fresh piercing is normal. But there can be several symptoms of an infection.

  • Excessive pain
  • Yellow or dark brown pus
  • Excessive swelling
  • You start having a fever
  • Embedded jewelry

If you feel any of the symptoms of infection, consult your doctor immediately.

Things To Adopt During Healing Time

  • Maintain better hygiene
  • Always touch the piercing with clean hands
  • Try to keep the new piercing dry
  • Be extra careful while brushing your teeth or eating a meal
  • Use a comfortable jewelry
  • Clean the piercing daily, as instructed by the professional piercer
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Things To Avoid During Healing Time

  • Do not try to change or move the jewelry
  • Do not use alcohol as it may prolong the healing
  • Avoid using lipstick, creams, or anything which may infect the piercing
  • Avoid kissing and oral activities involving lips

Read About Lip Piercing Aftercare Guide

Best Aftercare Products

There are some great products for you to take care of your piercing. Let us mention some of those.

1- Urban ReLeaf Piercing SolutionHealing Sea Salts & Tea Tree AFTERCARE

  • Safely clean, disinfect and heal your new and stretched piercings
  • 100% natural
  • Safe for all skin types

2- H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray – Sea Salt Solution to clean your body & oral piercings.

  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Safe for all skin types

3- Urban ReLeaf Piercing Care – Healing Sea Salts & Botanical Aftercare

  • Effective Non-iodized. Vitamin Rich. Dead Sea Salt & Botanicals
  • Safely clean, disinfect and heal your new and stretched piercings
  • 100% natural

4- NeilMed NeilCleanse – Piercing Aftercare

  • Sterile, drug-free, and preservative-free
  • No burning or stinging
  • Portable, convenient for travel or on-the-go

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Best Jewelry For Horizontal Lip Piercing

You will find jewelry both for men and women for a horizontal surface lip piercing. While selecting jewelry, always consider the anatomy of your lip. Also, it is not recommended to use cheap material as piercing jewelry because the infection or keloids may be the worst thing you may think of.

You can use:

  • Curved barbell
  • Straight barbell
  • Labrets
  • Rings (not very common)

You will find curved or straight barbell having different variations giving the look of stud individually perforation on each lip’s side. You will find several images in the images section.

Experience (Videos)

Getting Two Separate One (Video)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What is horizontal labret piercing?” answer-0=”Horizontal lip piercing is a piercing in which two perforations are made on the lower lip with single jewelry, i.e., a barbell having two visible ends.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”How much does horizontal lip piercing hurt?” answer-1=”On a pain scale from 1 (least painful) to 10 (most painful), horizontal lip piercing is a 5.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Does horizontal lip piercing leave scars?” answer-2=”You will have scars if it migrates. They may be permanent, and you will not find any solution to remove them even with plastic surgery. ” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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