Best Android Launcher

Best Android Launcher

Phones, particularly smartphones, are devices that have become -for a long time by now- an important part of our everyday life. From simply taking photos or sending a message, to organizing an entire project with multiple databases. The most important aspect of all these interactions with the device have in common is the launcher of the phone. This launcher helps you not only organizing your home screen but also facilitating the use of shortcut apps and using screen widgets If you’re the type of person who wants an app focused on prioritizing notification, there’s an app for that. If you want full customization, there’s also a launcher for that. For every smartphone user out there, it’s an android launcher that matches your needs. Here you can find a list of the best Android Launcher that you can find at this moment on the market, which in only a few seconds will change forever the way you use your phone.

Nova Launcher

Did you just hit a Jackpot while playing at Rizk Casino Online and want to do an upgrade on your phone? If you’ve already decided on a specific device, the next thing on the list is a small research on the launchers out there. The first and best one here is Nova Launcher, a balanced but also a fast app, which will definitely exceed your expectations. 

Having the advantage of fast-response actions and extensive customizations with a minimum performance impact on your phone’s memory, this launcher is right up your alley.

If you are looking for performant features and a multitude of color themes and strong icon packs, Nova Launcher is offering a prime version with all the fun of customization and a bonus of backups for all your settings history when you switch to the new phone.

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Niagara Launcher- Best Android Launcher

A launcher focused on prioritizing apps and notifications is Niagara Launcher. While keeping unimportant stuff in the back, this one helps you with maximizing your day-to-day app usage. An important feature for Niagara is its extreme minimalism so that you won’t be bothered with unusual activity or visuals that you don’t need. 

Not only an app drawer that automatically detects and surfaces your most-used apps, but also puts them in alphabetical order, an advantage coming in handy plenty of times.

Smart Launcher 5- Best Android Launcher

A long-time favorite for many old Android users, Smart Launcher 5 it’s mostly known for its simple “flower” favorites grid. On its latest update, it now offers a lot more features and refinements to help you sort things out easier. 

Also, an important feature of Smart Launcher 5 is its smart search bar which sits at the bottom of the home screen, different from the built-in search bar which is accessed depending on the model of your smartphone. 

The search bar offers you the option of not only searching on the internet, but also into your contacts, apps, and even other apps in the Google Play Store.

AIO Launcher

Maybe you’re the type of person who needs more information cramped up on the home screen but at the same time a sort of organization in all that chaos. That’s when AIO Launcher comes in to solve this inconvenience. Offering decluttering visual customization, you’ll be able to sort out and prioritize all the information according to the major applications categories they belong to. 

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From basic info like different states of the phone from the latest messages and your most frequent apps, AIO Launcher is here to give you all these for free. Even though it may seem like it’s not the friendliest interface among the other ones, it will for sure help you if you are in need of a launcher that offers you a big batch of info organized in neat categories.  

Hyperion Launcher

If you’re all about heavy customization and like to put your own personality in the interface of your home screen, the Hyperion Launcher is a great alternative. It has a built-in Pixel-like launcher made by the already famous Substratum theming engine. With a large gallery of wallpapers, from the minimalist ones to the most whimsical ones out there, you will for sure find one that fits your needs.

 In the Hyperion Launcher, configuration is the keyword. Providing a strong gamut of settings for icon packs, transparencies, screen animations, and icons that adapt to the themes of your choice, you will for sure enjoy this one particular launcher. Lastly, a feature that makes this launcher a great choice for all the fans of customization out there is the integrated profile manager. 

This feature will allow you to export your current configuration and install it in an instant on your new phone. 

Action Launcher

Action Launcher is an old one on the market, and you for sure have heard about this one, as it was among the first one of the big third-party launchers which use a Pixel-style appearance. Not only this but also heavy customization, the new Action Launcher interface features will for sure find their way into your daily phone routine.

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Including the adaptive app bar and the icon shortcuts in Oreo-style, the launcher will adjust itself according to your needs. Action Launcher will take the dominant colors from your wallpaper and change the palette of the icon packs to match with it. 


In conclusion, it all depends on your needs and expectations from these Android Launchers. Whichever of these Launchers described here you choose, it’s never a bad idea to try them all out and find the one which helps you the most. 

Whether it’s an app focused on customization or an app that is based mainly on minimalism and information storage, it’s up to you which launcher will suit your needs best. And after you found the right one, a great idea would be to purchase the premium version, so you can fully enjoy all the cool features and the key characteristics.