20 Best Casino Games For Newbies


Online casinos are very popular among players today. A large variety of games enables everyone to choose the best option for themselves. In the beginning, it is not easy for newcomers but after studying the games, trends, and websites, the player gets oriented quite quickly. In addition, almost every casino offers its new customers all sorts of bonuses:

Free spinsYou can spin the reels without deposits
Bonus accountAdditional funds that are provided for games. Most often they cannot be withdrawn

These and other incentives will help novice gamers to try their hand at simple games at first, and then move on to more complex options. In this way, everyone can gain invaluable experience with online casino slots for real money. When selecting which online casino is easiest to win, it is recommended to consider the availability of games that the player likes and that are characterized by generous payouts. 

Slot Machines

Slots are very popular with gamers at online casinos and in conventional land-based establishments. It is very easy to play the best slot machines for beginners. It is enough to deposit a certain amount in your account and press the button and then you just need to watch the slots and wait until the win is hit. In addition, slots have a lot of options in the most different designs, so every gamer can easily pick up the topic of interest: travel, movies, cartoons, fruit, or favorite stories from books. 

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In addition to such entertainment, the new user can choose games in the other direction, which are listed below. 


For beginners, this game seems a little complicated, but basically, it is one of the easiest games for online casinos. Furthermore, it gives a real chance to win. When making a bet, you can pay attention not only to the number but also to the color of the row. You can also choose whether the number will be even or odd, or just choose a group. Roulette has a high chance of getting potential payouts on the bet. The beginner just needs to understand the rules.


This is a classic casino game, which is more than a dozen years old. The game fascinates newcomers with its simplicity. Keno is a fairly simple game, the main condition of which is randomness and luck, but it can provide the easiest game to win at casinos. 

Three Card Poker  

It is a fairly simple game, so learning to play it will not be very difficult for the gamer, and the opportunity to get a decent win in this game is very high. Bets in the game can be made in different ways. 

Big Six Wheel

This game is very similar to roulette but it is much easier and clearer. There are fewer numbers and bets. It has small limits, there are 6 betting lines. The gamer has a task to calculate what number or symbol it will stop. 

Online Poker

Online poker is one of the cool casino games and a great alternative to live game, so the gamer can compete with players from other cities or even countries. This is a great opportunity to learn how to play poker with low bets.

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Blackjack is a fairly popular card game, which is great for beginners. The main essence of the game is to score up to 21 with minimal losses.  

Video Poker

It is a great variant of card casino games for dummies. You need to collect the most winning poker combination using only 5 cards.


Playing baccarat is quite simple, and a beginner can easily cope with it. You just need to allocate the bets between the tiles correctly: 

  • player; 
  • banker; 
  • draw. 

And then all the work will be done by the dealer. 


The old game of craps is in great demand today in online casinos, it can be easily mastered even by novice gamers. The betting system is very simple, and it is quite realistic to win.


A great game that is not only in demand among the older generation but also among young people who like to sit in an online casino.

Scratch Cards

This is a relatively new online casino game that resembles lottery tickets, with an erasable layer. The game guarantees instant winnings. 

Number of Checkers

Playing checkers at online casinos is a great way to make money, as well as to hone your skills by fighting against players from other countries or dealers.  


Game developers offer many types of lotteries at online casinos, it is very easy to play them, and to get a tangible profit is quite real. 


This ancient Japanese game is now widespread in online casinos. The rules of the game are very simple, the appearance of the game is very similar to classic pinball, you can play with another player or a dealer.  

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Wheel of Fortune

The game is a replica of the TV version, which was very popular in America at the end of the last century. The essence of the game is to make the right bet and guess at what moment the wheel will stop, there are several lines of bets and payouts. 

Pai Gow Poker

This is a special type of poker where the gamer competes only with the dealer. The game uses 7 cards, the player must collect a combination that will be better than his opponent.

Caribbean Stud

This is another card game that has a lot of similarities to poker. The main opponent of the player here is the dealer who hands out five cards. The dealer has to open one of his own. The main task of the gamer is to collect a layout that will be higher than the dealer’s. 

Arcade Games 

You can try arcade games at many online casinos. Such games have many varieties. You need to top up your account in order to play.  

This is not the whole list of games that most online casinos can boast of. With their help, you can have a great time and make a profit.