Milan lost Donnarumma, but Juventus is in trouble now

Milan lost Donnarumma

While Gianluigi Donnarumma was polishing the bench in the Champions League bout in Club Brugge, Mike Maignan was hitting a penalty at Anfield. Milan lost Donnarumma-

The irony was obvious – especially to the Milan fans. Here, many were beside themselves because the club was unable to keep the goalkeeper of the Italian national team and the graduate of the academy, but now that Maignan is showing such a game? The world is back to normal again.

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When there is nothing left, it’s time to gloat and sneer, but Milan is still damn shameful for letting such a player go for free. When he moved to PSG, his price only increased, because he was hosting the outstanding Euro 2020. Now, in the status of European champion, he is considered one of the best in the world. “Milan” you could have made so much money, but … not destiny.

It is worth noting that Milan tried in every possible way to persuade their player to stay. He could earn 25 percent more than before – up to eight million euros a season. But Italy no longer attracted the young goalkeeper – he wanted to win the Champions League with the strongest team in Europe. In theory, he can earn up to 10 million euros per season.

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In Milan, no one spoke badly about the pupil of the academy – at least openly. The fans, however, refused to be silent. Once again, the player was given the old nickname “Dollarumma” and spectators at the stadium blamed everyone from the player to his infamous agent Mino Raiola. The training base was even visited by representatives of the ultras, ready in every way to persuade Gianluigi to stay. Here, to the last, they believed that the goalkeeper would spend his whole life in one club and would become an analogue of Francesco Totti from Roma. The player ended that meeting with tears in his eyes, but it was not possible to convince him.

Would Milan prefer to keep Donnarumma? Undoubtedly. But the main thing is that now the team has one hundred percent number one again. The crisis was avoided.

But Juventus is a completely different story. Having won 3-0 over Malmö, Turin felt calm even despite frequent problems in defense (the team kept the goal intact for the first time since March), but this calmness was deceiving.

Here, it seems, there should have been no problems with the goalkeeper, because the Pole Wojciech Szczęsny has long ousted Gigi Buffon and became the first number, but in his last games he was often mistaken. Last season, there was talk about his inability to cope with long-range shots, and recently this fear has been confirmed.

Juve says everything is fine. That the goalkeepers in the club are already great, but … is that so? You could argue that while Milan has one hero in goal and PSG have two, Juventus has none. But only time will tell.