The Best Mesh Routers for 2022

Best Mesh Routers

The best mesh-router systems are capable to blanket even the biggest mansions with their extraordinarily powerful and strong Wi-Fi coverage. This is the major reason why upgrading to the latest mesh networks can boost your online experience for all devices on your existing network. 

The mesh-router systems work by eliminating all the dead spots in your house and providing stable internet coverage in every corner. So, whether you live in a multi-story home, or a huge bungalow, a mesh system can certainly provide you with everything that a standalone router can’t. 

After reviewing the most popular, and reliable mesh-routers on the market, here we have come up with the best picks from our list – it would provide you with a detailed overview of the performance, range, and usability of each option, so that you can choose the best mesh network for your home. 

Let’s get started!

  1. Netgear Orbi WiFi 6E (RBKE963)

Netgear’s Orbi WiFi 6E ranks among the fastest and most powerful mesh-router systems on the planet but is also the most expensive. So, if you have a fat wallet, then it might be an ideal fit for you.

The Orbi WiFi 6E (RBKE963) provides extremely high-coverage internet signals up to 9,000 square feet. Not only that, but you can also extend the coverage to12,000 square feet if you add on the third satellite to your mesh network. Impressive, right? 

Each Orbi unit consists of 12 antennas and 4 Ethernet ports, in which each one features 2.5 Gbps. The best part is that Netgear also offers a trial subscription to its Armor security software. The package includes high-end parental controls and Bitdefender antivirus.  But, you also have to pay for technical support, after 90 days of subscription. 

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However, you need to remember that Netgear’s Orbi WiFi 6E needs a stable internet connection to extend the network coverage – the device cannot generate internet signals on its own. So, just make sure that you connect to a high-speed internet connection like Grande Internet before you get your hands on the device. 

Grande Internet offers super-affordable internet plans to all users – its monthly packages are starting from $35.99 only per month. How cool is that?

  1. TP-Link Deco X20

Easy-to-install, small, and inexpensive, TP-Link’s Deco X20 mesh networking kit is an ideal fit for users that are looking for ways to extend their internet coverage while adding an extra layer of online security to their network. 

TP-Link’s Deco X20 not only provides you with extremely fast internet speeds but also offers WPA3 encryption and a lifetime subscription to TP-Link HomeCare security, along with an effective antivirus program. Its high-end security features ensure that you always remain protected from various types of viruses, bugs, and cyber threats. Currently, TP-Link’s Deco X20 is available in a 3-pack of matching units which covers up to 5,800 square feet and handles up to one hundred and fifty connected devices at a single time.

Due to its robust dual-band connectivity and 2-gigabit wired connections on each node, TP-Link’s Deco X20 provides flawless coverage and connectivity in all corners of your house. The best part is that the device is super-easy to install, and provides you with instant controls, and easy-to-navigate menus. 

  1. Nest Wi-Fi

Google’s Nest Wi-Fi ranks among the most powerful mesh solutions on the market. It provides robust internet connectivity round-the-clock, along with a super-easy installation process. Surprisingly, only a single Nest Wi-Fi router with one Wi-Fi point can easily handle up to two hundred connected devices at a single time. Oh, and that’s not it – its internet speed is fast enough to stream multiple 4K videos 24/7.

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The best part is that Nest Wi-Fi offers an exclusive feature to add smart speakers to every extension – its compact units allow the device to take control of the router with voice commands. Not only that, but the mesh network also offers high-end compatibility with other gadgets at your home, such as smart TV and smart lights, etc. 

Google’s Nest Wi-Fi allows you to add additional extensions along with new Google Home units in different rooms of your house – this way, you can access digital voice assistants easily from anywhere. Also, you need to remember that the Nest Wi-Fi is not a modem, just like most of the other mesh networks on the market. So, you need to plug your device into the modem that you already have. 

  1. Netgear Orbi WiFi 6 (RBK852)

Netgear is surely one of the most reliable brands on the market, especially when it comes to providing high-coverage mesh routers for larger spaces. Netgear Orbi WiFi 6 (RBK852) features all the essential features of an ideal mesh networking system. 

The best part is that the device is super-easy to install. It can extend signal coverage up to 5,000 square feet and provide 6Gbps of consistent, and blazing-fast internet speeds. So, whether you want to stream, video call, or browse, you can rely on RBK852 to provide you with flawless internet connectivity – and that too at 100+ devices at a single time.

According to the product reviews, the RBK852’s internet signals are not affected by any types of ceilings, floors, or wall blockages. Besides this, the device also offers a built-in security feature that blankets your house with a layer of online security and protection round-the-clock. 

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The Bottom-line

Due to its powerful internet coverage, Mesh-routers are gaining more fan-following with every passing day, especially in the corporate sector where hundreds of devices are connected to a single Wi-Fi at the same time. 

Although the tech market features a wide range of other mesh networks as well, in this article, we have mentioned our top picks only. However, if you wish to know more about other mesh routers on the market, then don’t forget to visit your favorite tech-related websites, blogs, and articles on the internet. But before you begin your research, just make sure that you are connected to a high-speed internet connection like Grande so that you get to enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted browsing experience.   If you wish to know more about Grande’s latest internet bundles and plans, do check out BuyTVInternetPhone.