Why You Should Get A Sexual Health Checkup

Health Checkup

The holiday season and the year’s end are about to hit us with gifts and surprises. The holidays are typically marked with dinner parties, delicious cuisine, excessive amounts of champagne, Christmas songs, and presents. Make sure an STD or STI is not among the many gifts we are going to get. We need to be fully informed of our sexual health status in the lead-up to the holiday festivities and the safety measures to take before “hitting the climax of the year.” Perhaps, it is the sexual health clinic that we should attend first before the upcoming parties.

Here are the best reasons for you to get yourself checked:

  • Benefits

Going to the local genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinic, which is also referred to as a sexual health clinic, carries a lingering stigma. As much as we execrate to admit it, visits to these health clinics are frequently accompanied by staring, and critical looks from other people because going into a sexual health clinic is frequently connected with having an STD and leading a reckless life. Even so, it doesn’t always happen that way. While it is true that sexual health clinics offer treatments to persons who have STIs or STDs, going to the sexual health clinic Bangkok also means taking care of yourself and getting the following benefits:

  • Peace of mind: Less stress!

The only way there is to find out for sure that you are free from HIV or an STD is to get tested frequently to monitor your sexual health status every six months or at least once a year. You could even have it as part of the male health test. People may feel well and believe they are in perfect health, but some STDs, like chlamydia, can be “silent” since their carriers frequently exhibit no symptoms. Recognizing that you are in charge of your sexual well-being.

  • Awareness.

Comprehensive sexual health information is necessary because the knowledge that is given in schools may be insufficient. Telling everything about one’s sexual health is always more preferable than keeping it quiet.

  • Your partner’s health.

If the worst happens and you are actually infected with an STD, knowing this allows you to better plan how to prevent your partner from contracting it by simply forgoing sex or using a condom.

  • Preventive.
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STIs and STDs that are left untreated can result in serious health issues like infertility and some types of cancer (caused by HPV).

  • Builds Trust.

Better communication, respect, and trust for each other’s bodies and health; a stronger bond with your partner.

  • Sex Education.

You also get the chance to discuss contraception and any other sexual health concerns with your doctor. They are the best person to ask about this stuff; consult a doctor about sex.

  • Privacy

One of the most critical and essential qualities of a sexual health clinic is confidentiality. You will be asked for your name, as well as your date of birth, address, and contact information when you first arrive. In some clinics, it is acceptable to provide as little or as much details or information as you like, even a false name. However, keep in mind that it may take some days for the results of certain tests and examinations, so be sure to provide real contact information so the clinic can get in touch with you if there is an infection that has to be treated right away.

Every medical service is discreet and private except in rare circumstances, such as if you pose a serious risk of harming yourself or others, no one else may access your health information without your permission.

Although while most information is kept private, there are some extreme circumstances in which the clinic may choose to disclose some conditions to another professional:

  • The victim is being abused physically, emotionally, or sexually.
  • The individual’s life is in danger.
  • The survival of another person is in peril.

The fact that sexual health clinics understand the gravity of privacy in their field of expertise, feel free to discuss sensitive, and private information as these are for your sake.

Possible questions may be about the following:

  • When was the last time you had sex?
  • If you engaged in unprotected sex
  • Any signs you exhibit
  • If you believe you have an infection and why
  • Describe your worries
  • The number and genders of sexual partners
  • Your past sex experiences (anal, vaginal, or oral)
  • If you have ever had an STI or STD

The actual obstacle usually lies in responding to a number of questions regarding medical and sexual history. It may be challenging to summon the guts to go to a sexual health clinic. Even if the medical staff in sexual health clinics are not judgmental, you shouldn’t feel judged, uneasy, or embarrassed. They have received training and have a lot of experience treating infections and illnesses related to sexual activity. Some places will even make arrangements for you to receive care from a member of your preferred gender.

  • Appointments are easy and available.
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Some sexual health or GUM clinics may not require appointments, depending on where you reside and which clinic. This enables you to enter covertly by walking or dropping in. Even now, some clinics only accept walk-in patients. This is not a “one size fits all” situation, though, as some clinics require appointments or a phone call to the booking line in case of an emergency.

  • It is SAFE

STI and other types of tests are easy and shouldn’t be painful. If there is pain, it is generally from nothing to tolerable levels only. Some tests could cause some minor discomfort for a moment but do not last for long. You will typically simply need to urinate into a cup.

There is no reason to be shy, anxious, or scared before the test. It’s just another component of your body that needs to be kept healthy, and doctors and nurses are professionals that perform this work every day.

  • Testing and results are fast!

Some results from certain tests may be available right away. Additionally, treatments might be received on the same day. The results of other tests, however, might not be known for one to two weeks. If you happen to test positive for an STI, you could be requested to return to the clinic so that the results can be discussed and the best course of action to be chosen.

The results are obtained right away as most of the tests and the necessary samples are generally available. Aside from the interview, you might need to submit the following in order to pass the tests:

  • A urine sample (as much as possible, avoid using the restroom one to two hours prior to the test). For the purpose of locating illnesses like chlamydia and gonorrhea, urine testing is necessary.
  • A blood sample can be obtained by pricking your finger or by taking a venous sample. Blood tests are typically done for HIV and syphilis.
  • Swabs from the urethra and the vagina, among other places on the body
  • Oral, genital, and skin test samples
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  • Sexual Health Clinics are for both Men and Women

Some may think these clinics are for men with active sexual activities and need Male Health Clinic to check them up or women with reproductive health issues that require help. No.

These clinics exist for everyone who needs help with our reproductive organs and other related concerns. No of their age, anyone can visit a sexual health center. Young people, homosexual men, and lesbians are just a few of the categories in which some clinics organize sessions specifically. Additionally, there should be clinics for those who abuse drugs, have learning problems, have experienced sexual assault, are sex workers, or have physical disabilities.

All examinations are optional, and all services are 100% private.

  • They are not expensive

The consultation and all of the services provided by sexual health clinics are either free or will be bulk billed to you. To be sure, it is a good idea to check it at the time of appointment scheduling. Inquire about the associated costs if a service does not bulk bill. But generally, their billings are not dramatically expensive compared to the typical overall charges you get from large hospitals. And, if you think about it, their charges will surely be much lesser compared to the expenses you may face when you have zero-indulgence in your sexual health.


You might feel a little reserved and shy at first, but that is normal. Typically, that only takes place on your initial visit. Other patients’ eyes occasionally dart around, possibly wondering what you are there for. The good news is that they might believe you are thinking the same exact thing about them. Remember, it is very important that you have to be fully aware of your situation and to get infections identified as early as possible in order to choose the right medication and course of treatment, not to avoid being judged. 

Consult a doctor about sex-related concerns to secure your optimum health. Visit https://manwomanhealth.com/ for inquiries and other matters. The Man and Woman Health Clinic for family problems and other matters.