What’s involved in Concrete Lifting ?

Concrete Lifting

Concrete lifting or concrete leveling is a procedure for correcting the uneven concrete surface by changing the foundation of the surface it sits on. It is a repair method for restoring the original state or making it close to the original condition.

 One can achieve this result by drilling holes in the concrete and injecting the filling material inside it. Thus, the filling material fills the space underneath the slab and pushes it to the desired heights. It is an economical option and a better substitute for the replacement of concrete. Concrete lifting is a rapid process and produces a lot of noise, dust, and dirt. 

 This method is equally utilized by small businesses, homes, and as well as by big industries. For example, airports, warehouses, factories including roads and highways. 

Methods of concrete lifting 

Concrete lifting Fargo services includes two methods: slab jacking and mud jacking. 

Slab jacking

Slab jacking is a fast and more convenient method than replacement. This method involves drilling many tiny holes into the damaged slab. Through these holes, the repairer adds filling material inside the slab. After filling, the holes are sealed, which conceals the proof of repairs. This method is less costly and less time-consuming. The usual duration of slab jacking takes a maximum of one to two hours.

Furthermore, you don’t have to wait for long after slab jacking because the place is ready for use once slab jacking is finished. But, you have to wait for some time before putting any sort of heavyweight on the slab. The wait after slab jacking is relatively short, unlike the new slab. Slab jacking is a clean process, and it leaves no waste behind. 

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Mud jacking

Mud jacking is another component of concrete lifting. Mud jacking is similar to slab jacking. A pavement or railroad is raised in mud jacking when mud is pumped underneath it through the drilled tiny holes. Through mud jacking the sunken concrete surface is raised back to its original position. Mud jacking does not work for pool repairs, potholes, foundation repairs, and a concrete surface at the last stage of his life. If you see your concrete sinking, there is a strong chance that the slab was placed on poorly compacted fill dirt. 

In addition, subsurface erosion and shrinking soil can also cause this problem. Even with this issue going on, you do not have to change the concrete. You just need to call your slab jacking. Your contractor will restore the slab to its original position. He will lift the slab by pumping a ground filling mixture or foam underneath your slab.

 A slurry is filled in holes, and the mud is not mud in reality but something less sticky known as slurry. In the end, the two inch holes are filled with concrete to level it. But a mark of the repair will stay in the form of fresh concrete circles.

Concrete lifting provides better ground support, less chance of injury, more minor damage, and labor cost, making it a budget-friendly and time-saving repair option.

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