Tricks to Market Your Upcoming Book.


First of all, congratulations for having the patience and giving the right efforts to complete an entire book. You already have overcome the stressful part. But unfortunately, this is not the end of your struggle for a trickier part waits for you after this.

It is rightly said, “Marketing a product is even more important than the product itself.” Yes, marketing the book is more important and trickier than completing it because otherwise, you will have zero or almost negligible sales. Once you are done with writing and receive a green signal from the publisher, you immediately start thinking about how to reach the book to the right set of audiences. And this is where you need to be careful and calculative.

As much as the climax of your book is mind-boggling, so are marketing ideas.

But here I am to save your back by giving you a set of tricks that will help you market your upcoming book more effectively.

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How to Market Your Book?

Currently, marketing is very important irrespective of the product being sold. You must use marketing tricks to sell books in good numbers. But for the best results, you should start taking the initiative initially. I mean, even before working on the book. Below mentioned are a few ways in which you can ensure better marketing of your upcoming book.

  1. Know the market

This is the first, the basic yet the most important thing that must be there on your to-do list. As a writer, you must have expanded knowledge of the current market trends. To be honest, if the book does not align with the needs and preferences of modern-day readers, no matter how good your content is and how skilful marketing techniques you use, how much investment you make, the number of sales won’t be good enough.

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The creativity of the content is your essay help business, but the topic you choose is not entirely your business. You have to set the main idea of your book as per the reader’s choice.

Well, if you ask me, I would suggest that before you even compose your book, find out what type of storyline or content will satisfy your readers.

One way to do this is to set up an online poll over social media. No doubt your readers will be connected to you over social media. Before composing the book, set up a poll on two content ideas and see which one your readers prefer. Go forward with it.

  1. Research on the readers

To ensure you reach your readers most appropriately, laying a solid impact, you have to know your readers. But how do you do that? You cannot go chatting with them. No, that’s impractical.

Why not use your social media for this better cause? But, first, understand this one fact your social media followers are your probable readers. Hence knowing them can take you quite a few steps forward in the process.

For the same, you need to be an active social media person and find ways to address the theme of your upcoming book. For example, your book depicts a story of a struggling mother. Share a post where you talk about struggles your mother had to face while bringing you up. And ask your readers to share their stories. You will see your comment box flooding instantly. From there, you will get hundreds of ideas and observe a common pattern in the stories your followers share. Then, in a consecutive post, acknowledge the followers’ effort and give them a glimpse of your upcoming book. For instance, say, “Similar to our moms, here I bring you a story of Lily, a young mother and her struggles of motherhood….”

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This way, you are advertising your book and creating a space for readers to relate to your content.

  1. Pick a good title

They say that a bad title to your book can be catastrophic. Secondly, a great title entices readers to know what’s inside. But here, there is a problem, what might be enticing to you might not be enticing enough to your readers. So for this again you have to do some homework.

Try visiting the online bookselling sites and looking for the current year’s bestsellers. Then, read the prologues of this book and see how the title justifies the storyline. You can do this for the book of any genre, but try to stick to the genre of your upcoming book. This will avoid any scope of confusion. Once you decide on the title, start promoting it.

Slowly and steadily, let the readers know that something is cooking and let them get familiar with the name.

  1. Take the readers on a journey.

Writing and composing a book is no less than a journey. So why not take readers along with you?

I believe today, in the era of social media and social networking, everything is possible. Therefore, once you are done introducing the upcoming book, make sure to make the readers a part of the entire process.

As a writer, you will have a lot of emotions working when it comes to your book. You will have a lot of realizations, and you get to learn a lot in the book-writing process. Share these, if not too personal, with your readers. Establish a stage where they develop an emotional connection with your book. History says this enhances the selling numbers. Because once attached, readers find it very difficult to not read the book.

  1. Stress on collaboration
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Collaboration is another very effective marketing tool. If you alone can reach to hundred people, then maybe with the help of another entity, you can reach another hundred people. Take, for example, the advertising strategies various brands use these days. They go seek help from online influencers. They collaborate with them and ensure their product reaches a greater number of people.

You can do the same. Of course, you cannot directly go to the influencers for marketing, but you can collaborate with libraries, book stores, and reading clubs for events like book reading sessions, meet and greet etc. these events will ensure quite a number of sales.

Also, if not influencers, you can collab with the bloggers. For example, you give them a copy of your book and request them to share a review of the same. This way, besides your readers and followers, the readers of the blogger will also know about you and your book and perhaps will buy them.

Parting thoughts

I am sure by now it is clear to you that social media can play a huge role in marketing your book in an impactful way. So, learn your way around these platforms and make the most use of them for the sake of your book. But do not forget, first know your readers and then take a step forward. Wish you fruitful bookselling!

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