How to make use of linking and SEO on a website?

linking and SEO

Creating a website is only one step out of many that lead to being successful online and building a recognizable brand. If you want people to find your web page, visit it and stay a little longer, you need to polish the site. However, before people get attracted to your website, they need to know it exists. That’s when SEO steps in. What is it, and how does it work? 

Why does everyone need SEO?

Operating in the online world requires a vast knowledge of various tools that determine the website’s position in search engines, and in turn, its success. Taking into consideration the number of websites on the Internet, breaking through all of them seems like a real challenge. Without such tools as SEO it’s practically impossible. 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s a broad term that includes various strategies and techniques that allow a given website to appear as high in search results as possible. Among the most popular tools used by website owners, you will find keywords and key phrases. Numerous web pages are responsive, or simply mobile-friendly, focused on user experience (UX) and based on the right domain. SEO factors that have an impact on the website’s position do not end here, there are much more of them. If you simply stick to the same factors as others and take care only of these elements that others care about, you will find it difficult to become and stay visible. One of the underrated, yet highly important factors that influence SEO of a website is linking – both external and internal.

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What is linking, and how does it work?

Linking, in general, is a term that does not require explanation. In terms of SEO, it’s the same – including links to other platforms or pages on the same website in the text on a given website. It’s a great way to improve SEO of a page and its visibility in search engines for Internet users. Linking can be divided into internal and external – both are vital in positioning.

Internal linking is focused on facilitating the navigation of a website for users but also search engines. If you include links to other pages and tabs on your website, a visitor can easily move from one tab to another and quickly find what they might be looking for. Search engines also use internal linking to navigate your website. The easier it is for the algorithms, the more attractive the platform is, and, therefore, it appears higher in search results. Internal linking is not demanding, you can use hyperlinks to direct the visitors of your site to the contact form and various tabs or products in your online store.

External linking is less about navigating your site, but link building is an important part of SEO. It includes creating hyperlinks that take users to platforms and web pages that you own. Link building is, in contrast to internal linking, about promoting your website outside. What does this mean? You need to find other platforms that will include links to your website. The more of them, the more reliable your web page appears to the algorithms. Let’s look at an example. A website that lists online casinos needs to be trustworthy, reliable and popular among users in order to thrive. That’s where link-building is important. When a user comes across a link to the top online casino bonuses on a different website that they already trust, they are more likely to visit the linked page. At the same time, search engine perceives the linked platform as reliable, because it is promoted on different platforms and visited by users. However, it’s vital to know that it’s not enough to build trust. Such a website also needs to take care of safety and security matters, protect the players and provide them with the right customer support service, just like websites such as Vegas Slots Online do.

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Link value

You need to remember that linking in terms of SEO is not about putting any link in a given text. The type of link that you choose matters. In the case of internal hyperlinks, it’s better to choose the main homepage rather than less popular tabs or popular articles to place in the text.