Expand your online teaching course well: tips for teachers 

Online teaching course

With the advancements in science and technology, online teaching platforms are spreading at a faster rate. Many educators develop online courses for students. By meeting a software developer or an online course builder, let your plan come into action, establish the online course and make it available for all. After the launching, comes the next step which is expanding the business. Let us discuss some effective tips that educators can follow to expand their online teaching business or a course. 

Tips to expand online teaching business 

1. Develop your website 

To let learners know that you provide the service of online teaching, and online courses in different modes, developing your website is very important. Understand the procedure well and create your website. Here you can provide all the necessary information, key points, benefits offered, the course duration, batches, timings, and more.

 Make your website eye-catching and attractive for the viewers. You can make a special column mentioning the experience and qualities of the teachers. You can also write blogs and articles to make your website more informative. Also, you can ask students who have studied via your course to write their reviews and effective experience too. 

2. Advertise via technology 

Today, technology is helping all to expand their business and ensure financial growth. In the same way, educators can also make their online courses famous through technology. Create your profile or accounts on different social media platforms. Have a catchy and attractive username and profile picture. Make short videos on your teaching patterns and upload them to the account. 

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The more the students will view it, the better will be the engagement and popularity. Also, make interesting and colorful templates and picture cards mentioning the online teaching facilities and details, and post them on your account. You can make videos on study hacks, tricks, techniques, and more. Today’s kids are highly involved with social media and this way you enhance your course selling process to a great extent. 

3. Give free trials first 

Many students stay confused about which course to opt for. They simply assume which one is good and which is not. These can be some wrong assumptions too. In such cases, giving trial classes is beneficial. You can provide your phone number on the website, and social media accounts and give them the link for the trial classes. In the case of asynchronous programs, you can provide the interested students with a few recorded lectures. This will help students to get a proper idea and later join the course. The trial classes should be free of cost to provide effective services to students.

4. Have a standard study material 

For completing a particular course, having proper study material is important. If your study material is not very understandable for students, they may drop the course in between or get poor results. This can set the wrong impression for your online teaching. Therefore make sure to provide students with quality study material. Include good content to read and understand. Have a question bank for better practice. Have audiovisual tools for better understanding and knowledge.

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Some effective teaching tips 

1. Interact with all: for effective live online teaching, interactions with students are very important. Don’t limit your interaction with the active speakers only. Try to involve all students in the class as much as possible. Have participatory activities such as group discussions, recitations, question-answer rounds, presentations, etc. This will enhance the academic and communication skills of students. 

2. Use audio-visual aids to teach: listening to the teachers reading out the textbook material is not very engaging for students. Also in asynchronous learning too, the textbook language is not very understandable to students. To overcome this problem technology helps. Therefore all teachers must teach via audiovisual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker. 

3. Ensure proper doubt resolution: for effective studies and academic success, doubt resolution is very important. Allow students some time to ask their doubts and queries. Solve their doubts in the best way possible. You can use online form builder as an interactive way of getting feedback from students and addressing the same.


Today, leaving behind the conventional methods of education, online teaching is reaching greater heights of success. By following the above-mentioned tips, online teachers can expand their online courses business and continue to do good work.