How Much Time Does It Take to Write a Good Essay?

Essay Writing

If you are a university student, you undoubtedly know that essays are a good part of the grade. Composing them isn’t as easy as it seems. It involves a lot of research on the topic, preparations, and polishing when done. 

To make a good piece, you will need a lot of motivation, patience, and knowledge about the topic you are reporting on. The hardest part will be formulating and picking up a pen, and starting to write. It will take a lot of your time, so make sure to get an early start when writing a challenging task that needs a lot of dedication and energy.

The time you will need to invest in an assignment may vary depending on essay content, length, and, most important, your skills. If you are a beginner, a 1000-word essay may take up your whole day to write if your technical skills and grammar are undeveloped. But don’t panic! If you ever get stuck, reach out to the best custom writing service, and they’ll get the job done for you in no time. Use that opportunity to invest in research, educate yourself, or even do other tasks for your college.

The more complex the assignment, the larger the text will be. So, we will introduce you to some advice on nailing your essay, and we guarantee you’ll get a good grade.

Factors That Will Affect Your Writing Time

1. Knowledge about the topic

Researching the topic can be the most challenging part of the assignment. It is vital to choose correct information and pick what is most important. Follow your instructor’s guidelines as to what you need to write about. 

If you can, select a topic of personal interest to you and educate yourself on it. It is always easier to write about something exciting and enjoyable. Manageable information is always a better option than too many unimportant facts. Less is more. There is a possibility that you will have to narrow your topic. 

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Be original and stand out from the hundreds of essays your professor will read. If you can’t find some information or need some more directing, you can always visit your instructor and kindly ask for advice.

2. Lack of confidence

Students often don’t believe in their skills and abilities. They will have trouble starting their papers and doubt their capability to finish them. With these problems, panic and feeling of being overwhelmed may occur. This can prolong your writing time. These students usually submit a poorly-written essay or just don’t submit it, expecting they will fail or get a low grade. 

If you find yourself in this one, you can quickly improve your writing skills. Take an online course or some classes to help you learn and overcome this fear of writing. Lastly, if you have some free time on your hands, try noting daily to practice even more and ask for help from more experienced people. 

3. Plagiarism

Something that many students turn to if they are rushing to complete their assignment at the very last minute is plagiarism. Never do that because teachers can quickly check each essay for plagiarized content, and you will find yourself in big trouble. Try learning how to paraphrase the content you are taking from different sites, and try using references. 

This research will take up some time, but in the long run, quality will be better. In the end, make it a habit to run your essay through online tools that check for plagiarism just to ensure you’ll end up submitting an original paper.

4. Workplace environment and motivation

Find an area free from distractions. If you don’t have a dedicated space for work, use your dining table. Don’t do tasks in your bed, even though that sounds super relaxing and comfortable. 

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It may sound silly, but make sure you have some snacks on hand for when you get hungry. Make time for a nutritious and convenient meal to fuel your body and help your brain think easier and faster. Your concentration and motivation will improve, and you’ll be able to write quicker.

Don’t forget to take a break if needed. When you sit for hours, you start to feel drained. Remember to move your body or take a walk outside. Talk to some friends and let your brain breathe before returning to brainstorming and writing.

Suggestions for Writing an Excellent Essay in No-Time

An excellent essay needs to address the task and present a solid, relevant source. Choose wisely what information and arguments you will write about and try to be as coherent and straightforward as possible. You need to have a clear introduction, followed by a body and conclusion.

Define your arguments and cite them if needed. They provide a direction in which the essay will flow. Back them up with evidence. Read all evidence with a critical eye and develop the ability to argue effectively.

Try reporting objections and explaining why they are wrong while backing them up with the evidence. Many magazines, journals, or books can come to use if you need to find some proof or views on the assignment.

Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills Almost Instantly

1. Write in the morning

Try waking up early and diving into the writing after a good night’s sleep. Early birds make fewer writing mistakes. You will be well-rested, finish faster, and have the rest of the day for yourself. You will procrastinate less if you start writing first thing in the morning.

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2. Carry a pen and a notebook

If inspiration hits you throughout the day, pick up your pen and notebook and write it down. You will write the essay easier and quicker later when you have a little script of your opinions. You can always write your ideas on phone notes if you don’t have paper around. Don’t keep it in your memory because you’ll probably forget it.

3. Let the writing rest and edit fresh

Don’t just edit after you have finished. Take a break and come back later and review with fresh eyes. One of the best ways to find mistakes and clumsy sentences is by reading aloud. Try rewriting, use another synonym for the word, or clarify it if you stumble while reading. A pro-tip is to list the frequent mistakes you can eliminate next time.

4. Find a study buddy

Synergy achieved working with an ambitious person is often undervalued by college attendees. Writing with a friend can help you achieve higher grades since you can exchange your work and proofread each other’s essays. Remember not to use the same arguments or approach beforehand since you can risk submitting two similar papers, which can be linked with plagiarism.

Final Thoughts

It is not recommended to start an essay a day before the deadline since there is a high chance of getting a bad grade. Take these factors above while figuring out how long you will have to work on your paper. Take your time for research, write a structure, and find good arguments backed up with evidence. Always check your grammar and the clarity of the assignment. 

These tips will make your essay go from an average one to an excellent one – in no time. So grab your pen and paper and start writing. We wish you good luck!