Are Men’s Earrings Still Popular In 2022?


Fashion’s dynamic and fluid nature has never been so profound as in most recent years. We have seen the comebacks of so many styles from different eras while new trends are coming up that are something stylish you might not consider today in a few months. Some stay for longer if they go viral, while others make a stronger comeback after a few years. Diamond earrings for men have been making comebacks every couple of years for quite a few years now, not just for women. In this article, we will discuss why earrings are still popular for men in 2022.

Why Do Men Wear Earrings?

Your personality is not just the way you speak or your body language; what you wear and how you accessorize yourself adds to your personality, too, and no wonder people give so much weight to it. What clothes do you wear, what sort of carrying bag, are you wearing a watch or not, etc. 

The same goes for your ears, and why should you miss this real estate to accessorize or portray fashion? If you want but don’t know where to start, you can always look at diamond earrings size comparison charts for what might suit you.

Wearing earrings for men isn’t something new; men have been doing that for centuries. Sometimes to show power, sometimes tribalism, sometimes as part of the religion, or sometimes just for fun. 

One of the reasons men wear earrings is the fact that there aren’t many jewelry options for them. For example, in many cultures, only men are buying an engagement ring for ladies, not the other way around. That is why wearing an earring or having a great watch is almost the only jewelry man can wear.

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We have been seeing more and more about it in the past half a century primarily because of social media, so typically, we may consider it something new and not standard before our times. Celebrities have added them to their regular repertoire and made them a thing of the mainstream.

What Are Some Popular Men’s Earring Styles?

Let’s look at some men’s fashion that is trending in the year 2022


Hoops are one of those trends that will stay forever though we may debate its size, which changes from time to time; something like a regular size is always good. Whether you think of David Beckham or even George Michael when seeing people wearing earrings, you realize that it gives a great look and vibe. Thanks to celebrities, hoops had gradually become mainstream in today’s fashion, whereas before, they were primarily associated with only women.


Studs are also one of the most common types of earrings for men and more so because they go amazingly well if you already wear studs on your shirt. Smaller studs matching your shirt studs are a remarkable statement, especially during official dinners, while not so much during office hours. 

Stud can come in many shapes, sizes and can even be clamped on for those who don’t want to get their ears pierced. Material and center stones also matter on your preference. If you’re going to show off and present all the bling, gold is the way to go, but any material that gives a silver vibe is perfect for you if you want it to be subtle but essential. Silver, titanium, and white gold all have different vibes, but you must consider depending on the size of your wallet.

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Unique designs that incorporate popular culture into the earring’s designs. It can be anything from the logo of your favorite band or company, the shape made famous by a movie, or even the symbols of your favorite superhero. 

You can also go eccentric and wear skulls, bombs, guns, or even roses to combine for a perfect combo. The more prominent you want to look, the more exotic you can present yourself.


You should go for crosses if you are religious and love the feeling of a religious symbol dangling around close to you. You can also wear crosses as a symbol or support a loved one who is strong with faith. 

Branded Designs

While there are typical categories of earrings for fashion, some designers take it a step further and pour their heart and soul into their design. That’s why some people love designer jewelry because it’s so unique and well-made that your personality also vibes a unique vibe and gives you confidence. 

If you like minimalistic designer jewelry, Le Gramme can be the highlight of your outfit. Their unique design gives off old industrial power and style. If you want to add style with earrings, a rocky feel, and style, go and see All Blues. They design their jewelry in the shape of angular rocks, which you usually find on the eastern coast of Scandinavia. 

What is the Most Suitable Material for Men’s Earrings?

First and foremost, the higher the cost of the metal, the better the craftsmanship. Premium products always attract the best designers and workers, making gold and silver the best obvious choices. The second opinion is that the same designers have lent their experience to create exquisite designs at a fraction of the cost with advancements in science and manufacturing practices. So, therefore, if you like symbolic meaning or a good investment, go for gold and silver, but if cost and designs are your forte, definitely go for manufactured ones.

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The 3rd opinion is based on your skin tone and your undertone. Depending on one of these, certain materials will suit you better. 


Men’s earrings will remain in fashion this year and for years to come. In the past couple of years, the fashion scene has changed significantly. The defining trend of wearing or going with a single accessory combination has gone out of style. Due to this, it isn’t mainstream now. If you love wearing necklaces, you can, and it isn’t dictated by fashion, just your personality, and choice. Similarly, if you want to wear earrings or normally do, you can and won’t need them to go viral. The persuasive train of pushing fashion trends is long gone; now, what looks best on you is your choice.