Why Does Keto Diet Cause Hair Loss?

Why Does Keto Diet Cause Hair Loss?

I have always thought about several ways to shed some weight. I discovered the keto diet and saw how it has worked for some in the past. The weight loss testimonies made me swing into action immediately. Some weeks into my keto diet, I noticed some changes in my body that made me happy. It seemed I would continue the keto diet forever, it was not too long into this exciting diet that I noticed my hair falling on the comb in the shower. 

Since protein and fatty foods make me full, I dramatically cut carbs. The low calories caused nutrient deficiency which affected my hair, fear gripped me that keto will ruin my hair but I was still bent on not giving up on my diet because of the fast and positive weight loss result. 

My rapid weight loss harmed my hair, my hair continued to fall off and at this time, it was too much for me to bear. I had starved my body and hair of the necessary nutrients it needs. Keto ruined my hair! The diet I considered a blessing is fast becoming what I do not enjoy anymore. 

Quickly, I went to my healthcare provider. I tried to stay calm but all I wanted to say and shout aloud at that moment was that keto ruined my hair! The doctor told me the hair loss is temporary and that in some months, my hair can regrow with the right nutrients. It was terrible news for me. I did not know how to cope with hair loss. I wanted an instant solution, rather than be patient with my hair growing again. The big turning point came when I discovered Lordhair, after that, everything changed for me and my hair!

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Lordhair produces hair replacement systems of the highest quality. The hair feels like my natural hair which immediately leaves me to rest assured that I got a perfect replacement while my hair regrows at its pace, my wig from Lordhair helps me appear confident, one of its amazing features is the natural hairline. This is the real rescue for me after Keto ruined my hair!

Without stress, I regained my confidence. I did not have to worry about hair loss. I found an instant and safe solution. Super Lordhair!

The above is a testimonial from a Lordhair customer that lost his hair due to a keto diet. Lordhair is an online retailer of hairpieces, here are a few products that could help you if you are suffering from hair loss too.

Super Thin Skin Men Hairpiece 

This men’s hairpiece employs knotless V-looped hair all over to enhance your appearance and give you the freedom to style your hair whatever you choose. This hairpiece is another incredibly realistic very thin-skin hairpiece. It also receives great marks for convenience because of its skin base.

Silk Top Base for Women 

This silk-top hair topper helps ladies with thin or sparse hair create volume in a way that looks natural, and it is sturdy and functional with clips for simple attachment and removal.

Why Does Keto Diet Cause Hair Loss?

Wrapping Up 

Lordhair has set the pace in providing an instant and safe solution for hair loss that can happen due to several causes. Look and feel great with us!