Where can I get online training on CCNA and CCNP?


Cisco offers accreditations that are extremely sought after and honored within the IT industry. Obtaining both the certifications of CCNP and CCNA allows all candidates to use Cisco products and services to the largest capacity. There are different levels of accreditations one should look for but CCNP and CCNA are the most preferred. In the job industry, CCNP and CCNA certificate holders have great demand. They are highly paid professionals in the industry. You can get online training of the exams on SPOTO. It is a reliable platform that offers ease and convenience to the users. They can prepare for the exams with the study material online. You can click on the site for great post to read.


From my point of view, the SPOTO is a learning management platform that is ideal for professional development employee training and education. It is formed to increase ease for learning CCNA and CCNP; this platform is completely authentic and genuine. It offers authentic study material for the candidates. They create study material and brain dumps. It offers excellent video management so that all the candidates can access the study material easily. It offers one to one interaction.

It offers all the essential resources that are good to improve education business income. There is a wider range of experts who are always busy in guiding about the techniques of exam preparation by using this platform. It modernizes the networking strategy. No doubt, this is a cost-effective way that provides maximum traffic at less cost. It has the ability to capture the world. 

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· It is ideal for video conferencing, assessments and tests, quiz creation. 

· The tool comes with SCORM compliance, PowerPoint conversion and easy way to processing. 

· This platform is a perfect learner portal. 

Offers alerts

This tool offers real-time automation alerts to the entire team. In this way, you will come to know about the important task completion. If workflow needs automatic alerts and some actions, then it must perform on time. It is one of the vital features when the marketers push leads on to sales and need a call to action.

24/7 support

Get customer services to support all the time because the entire team is available at your service. 

If any of the users need some technical support any time, the team provides help and solves the problems of the users.

Plans and Pricing

Users do not need to pay any monthly fee. They do not need to pay the cost that is charged based on the numerical strength of attendees. Business owners are charged a reasonable annual fee and it there is no monthly billing. This factor makes it an inexpensive webinar software solution. 


This is one of the best education portals that allow you to develop your own course professionally. Also, the course contains 100% responsive templates and themes. For more information, go to this website. You will come to know about the features of the study material that make them different from each other.