Complete Guide for Making Resume for Driving job


Five percent growth in the total employment of driver/sales personnel and delivery truck drivers from 2019 to 2029 has been predicted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. There will be more driving jobs available as a result of an increase in demand for drivers. You’ll need an impressive driving CV if you wish to work as a truck driver, bus driver or delivery driver.

It’s not always simple to write a CV that will catch the eye of a hiring manager in the transportation business. The right resume template or resume generator may assist you in creating a driver resume that will get you the job you want. If you’re looking to get a job, you’ll need a resume that sets you apart from the competition.

How to make a Driver Resume?

Writing a driver’s CV is much like writing any other resume. You need to make your CV stand out since there are a lot of other applicants for the employment you seek. You may get a good sense of what to include in your resume by taking a look at our sample driver resumes. If you want to distinguish yourself apart from other job searchers, you should tailor your driver resume to your specific needs. Clicking Here to make to perfect resume for Driving job.

Layout of the Driver Resume

The reverse-chronological resume structure is ideal for a driver’s resume. Hiring managers use this style since it is simple to scan on applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Structure of the Driver Resume

Driver resumes may be presented in two different ways. It’s also known as the skill-based resume and the functional resume. A good option if you’re new to the job market or if you’re transitioning professions. Combination or hybrid resumes are another option. The opposite and functional resume forms are combined in this manner.

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Choosing Resume Title

Job titles may vary greatly based on the kind of firm and the type of employment you’re applying for.

Start with the Header

You may include a link to your website or blog in the header of your CV for a driver, if you have one.

Professional summary

Basically, a professional resume summary is a one-paragraph description of your work history, qualifications, and accomplishments. Ensure that the summary is well-written, shows your personality as well as your professionalism, and encourages the hiring manager to continue reading your resume.

Work Experience

In order to get a job as a truck driver, you need a CV that demonstrates your past work experience. In a perfect world, drivers would have at least ten years of experience, and having a clean driving record to point to on your CV will give you an advantage over other applicants.

In this part, you’ll highlight your professional experience that relates to the position. When describing your previous job experience, begin by stating the name of the company, your position title, and the number of years you worked there.

Education History

Although a college degree is not usually required for a driving position, major corporations may give preference to those who have one. If you hold a bachelor’s degree, you may omit the portion on your high school diploma.

Whether you begin with school or work experience depends on the structure of your resume. Using the reverse-chronological approach, you begin with your experience, but if you utilize the functional resume format, you begin with your abilities and education.

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Skill Set

Using your resume’s talents section, you may demonstrate how you’re different from the competition. Adding talents to your driver’s CV is another wonderful approach to get around the ATS system. It’s a good idea to see if the recruiting manager specifies any specific driving talents they’re looking for, and then include them on your CV.

Some example driver resumes are available to help you with the process of including your qualifications on your resume. If you’re a fan of resume templates, have a look at our selection, which will show off your abilities in a manner that will make you stand out to potential employers.