What to consider when buying night vision goggles?


In order to acquire night eyesight, people will need special glasses. These devices support night vision technology, which creates a clear image of the surrounding area and the objects on it. Users have come up with many options for using such glasses. In this regard, difficulties often arise in the process of choosing the optimal model for each case. You can change the situation by studying the main criteria and recommendations of specialists.

What is night vision goggles?

Products that allow a person to see clearly in the absence of natural or artificial light are called night vision goggles. Such devices have many positive qualities that distinguish them from other similar optics. Among the most important advantages are simplicity and ease of use. The models produced today are very similar in appearance to ordinary glasses. They provide the user with a high-quality image and leave their hands free, as well as ready for other work in parallel.

The principle of operation of NV glasses is quite simple. Their lens collects the minimum light reflected from all objects. The focused beams are directed to the image intensifier tube. The latter transforms photons into electrons, after which it repeatedly accelerates the flow of these particles. The ongoing process contributes to an increase in the number of electrons, which, after hitting the luminescent anode, remove photons from it. Those, in turn, form the original picture with increased clarity and illumination, optimal for the user’s eyes. After all these manipulations, a person receives a detailed image, on which one can examine objects in detail, as well as the space surrounding them.

A different principle of operation in digital glasses. They are complemented by CCD matrices used to transform the collected beams into a digital signal. The latter is repeatedly amplified, after which it is sent to the display, combined with the user’s eyepieces.

What to consider when buying night vision goggles?

No one has yet come up with a single rule for choosing NV points. This can be explained by the wide scope of these devices, in each of which certain characteristics and functions will be important. This diversity forces potential buyers to seek help from specialists and rely entirely on someone else’s opinion. To avoid this and be able to choose high-quality night optics yourself, carefully read the general criteria for selecting models.

Basic selection criteria:

  1. Working principle. First of all, you should decide on the type of suitable glasses. To perform simple tasks (driving vehicles, hunting, hiking), models that use an image intensifier tube are suitable. If you need to perform more responsible work (reconnaissance, search for missing people, and more), then you should choose glasses with a digital image enhancement principle. In this case, it is possible to achieve greater detail and accuracy of displaying data.
  2. Generation. On sale there are models of three generations. The first of these includes the simplest and cheapest glasses suitable for solving the simplest tasks. Devices of the second generation stand out for their optimal price-quality ratio. These glasses are universal and in demand among civilians. Products of the new generation (third) will suit even the military. They form a detailed image with the ability to view small details.
  3. Appointment. Determine in advance why you are buying glasses. Depending on this, select products with the appropriate set of characteristics and functions. If you take the first available optics, then a device designed for a particular purpose will be ineffective in your case. For example, glasses designed for driving vehicles will not provide normal visibility while hunting various animals.
  4. Permission. This parameter is the main one when choosing glasses for the night. It characterizes the ability of optics to create a picture of one or another clarity. The higher the value of this parameter, the better will be the image visible to the user. Only expensive models can boast the highest rates. At the same time, optics from the budget and middle price categories will have a slightly lower resolution.
  5. Visible area. Experts recommend giving preference to products with a large value of this parameter. This will expand the view to the maximum and help you look around the entire territory. At minimum values, the glasses will not be able to satisfy the needs of even beginners.
  6. The presence of an IR amplifier. Infrared illumination is an essential addition to any glasses. It increases the brightness and gives a chance to distinguish all the small nuances in the resulting image. The most important will be the presence of an IR amplifier in cases where the glasses are used in minimal light (for example, in a dark forest with high clouds).
  7. The level of protection. Produced by NV glasses must be protected from shock and environmental factors. The manufacturer can achieve this by maximum sealing of the case and its manufacture from modern materials (special plastic that can withstand even significant mechanical stress). Only in this case, the optics will withstand falls from a height and contacts with a hard surface, and will also function effectively under adverse conditions. Do not neglect the operating temperature range. If there is a slight discrepancy between the minimum and maximum values, the goggles will not be suitable for use in extremely cold or hot regions.
  8. Autonomy. NV glasses need energy to work. It gives them a built-in battery. In most cases, it is a lithium battery, which is perfect for such devices. In order for the purchased glasses to work offline for a long time, try to choose models with capacious batteries. So it will be possible to avoid frequent recharging and eliminate the possibility of turning off the optics at the most inopportune moment.
  9. Mass. Often glasses have to be worn for a long period. In this regard, it is necessary that the chosen optics be as light as possible. So it will not create an additional load on the user’s head and will not lead to discomfort.
  10. Size. All users have a different head size. Because of this, you should choose the right glasses in accordance with your own parameters of this part of the body. Otherwise, wearing optics will become uncomfortable, and its operation will turn into a real test.
  11. Cost. There are dozens of glasses models in each price category. Therefore, before buying them, compare your own requirements and financial capabilities. For rare use and simple tasks, budget devices or models from the middle price segment are suitable. However, only expensive glasses are useful for carrying out important and responsible work. They are always multifunctional and help the user in the most difficult situations.
  12. Manufacturer. Experts advise buying products from well-known companies. In most cases, it is of excellent quality, manufactured using modern techniques and has a considerable service life. It should be remembered that even very high-quality devices can break. In this regard, try to choose manufacturers whose service centers are located in a nearby village. In addition, pay attention to whether the products have quality certificates and documents on passing various checks. Such securities can be provided to the buyer only by conscientious and honestly operating companies.

NV glasses are comfortable, practical and compact. They are easily attached to the user’s head and allow you to perform various work at night. A few days before buying such optics, you should familiarize yourself with the nuances of its choice. This information will help you find the best model and reduce the risk of purchasing a low-quality device.