What Are the Six Breeds of Arabian Horses?

Arabian Horses?

Arabian horses are renowned for possessing a number of wonderful qualities such as style and spirit, but not everyone is aware that there is more than one type of Arabian horse. 

You can find these horses in many racing events, such as the major Oaklawn Park race events, so it’s important to understand what are the different types of Arabian.

In fact, the following six types of horses are the main kinds.

Egyptian Arabian

This is regarded as the purest kind of Arabian horse, with a proud heritage going all the way back to the animals owned by the Viceroy Mohammed Ali. This lineage of horses remains pure in our day, although breeders have historically taken the decision to breed them on an interchangeable basis, to make the gene pool bigger.

These are smaller than some other Arabian horses and can be seen in numerous different colors. They are relatively rare but are extremely sought by breeders and trainers for their elegance and pure lineage. 

Russian Arabian

In this case, the breed’s history can be traced back to the 17th century, when the first Arabian horses arrived to Russia and the tsars began breeding them to their requirements by mixing different types of Arabian horses. 

Russian Arabians almost died out completely following the revolution in this country. However, there has been an effort to bring them back that has led to their numbers increasing in recent years. This type of horse is tall, solidly built, and athletic. They’re also known for possessing a gentle, relaxed temperament. 

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Spanish Arabian

This is the type of Arabian horse that you’re least likely to see, as they only make up about 1% of the race. Mainly bred for military reasons at the beginning, they were originally native Spanish horses bred with Arabians.

However, early in the 20th century the switch was made to breeding only purebred Arabians. This has led to horses that are strong and athletic, with a pleasant personality too.

Polish Arabian

Regarded as an ideal horse for using in wars, the Polish Arabian was introduced following the capture of Arabian horses by Polish soldiers. They then set up their own stud farm to breed them. In fact, it’s thought that this breeding has been occurring in Poland since the 16th century. 

Most of these highly-valued horses were lost during the First World War, but serious attempts to increase their numbers after this were successful. These attractive horses are split into Seglawi and Kuhailan types, both of which are extremely popular due to their intelligence and elegance.

Shagya Arabian

This is another type of Arabian horse that can be traced back many years. In this case, it was the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s military that created this horse, looking to convert the typical Arabian horse into something bigger and more powerful.   

The name comes from Shagya, a mighty stallion that was hugely influential in establishing this new lineage. They are good at all types of sports, due to their combination of strength and athletic ability.   

Crabber Arabian  

This line of Arabian horses can be traced back to the end of the 19th century in England. The name comes from the fact that Arabian horses were imported to Crabber Park Stud after members of the English nobility were attracted to them during their travels.

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They are generally larger than other Arabians and are excellent for showdressing and dressage competitions, as well as for racing. 

Some of the finest Arabian horses have a bloodline that mixes two or more of these types. For instance, Marwan Al Shaqab is arguably the most famous Arabian horse in the world, and has collected many important trophies and awards over the years. This magnificent stallion has Egyptian, Polish, and American Domestic blood in his veins.