The Best Neighborhoods in Boston for Raising a Family

The Best Neighborhoods in Boston for Raising a Family

When you’re raising a family, one of the most important things to consider is where you’re going to get started.  Not only do you want to pick an area that’s affordable, but you also want to make sure it’s right for your family and that your loved ones will have a chance to thrive here.

Boston is a dream come true for families.  If you’re ready to get the most out of your next hometown: these are the top neighborhoods for raising a family in Boston.


An expensive area to rent but an affordable place to buy a home: Roslindale is an interesting area in the heart of Boston.  Known for having more spacious housing and incredible schools, this is the best choice for any couple that’s just starting their journey into making a family.  Not only will you be able to afford a lot more space: there’s an opportunity for you to grow in the community as well!  

East Boston

One of the most affordable up-and-coming areas in Boston, East Boston is a neighborhood that many people consider when they’re getting ready to settle down.  The classic brownstones and tight streets make this a very classic-looking area, but the low crime rate means that you get a taste of city living without having to worry about your kids being in danger.  This is one of the best places for any family to settle down! 

West Roxbury

As the safest area in the city and a mix of affordable and expensive living, Roxbury could be the perfect mix for you!  Offering homes from condos to ranch-style houses, you’ll love the chance to live however you want and enjoy the opportunity for your friends to have a yard and play with neighbors.  

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There’s tons of fantastic nightlife for parents who want the occasional date night, from restaurants to movies and fantastic local artists: you’ll feel like you’re in your own world when you’re in West Roxbury!


Feeling more Americana than a major city: Charlestown is a laid-back area of Boston that’s perfect for raising a family.  Although it isn’t cheap, with Boston houses for sale ranging from $400,000 to $900,000 in this area: it’s worth it for a safe and fun environment.  

Here you can learn about Boston’s history, check out Paul Revere Park, enjoy delicious food at the Tatte Bakery and Cafe, and take in the countless parks and views in the area.  You’ll never want to leave after your first visit!  

Hyde Park

There’s no reason you can’t enjoy the best of everything Boston has to offer while still in an affordable area!  Although the safety rating for Hyde Park is lower, there’s a lot to do and see while you’re here/  From bowling to golfing and even checking out awesome sweets at My Grandma’s of New England!  Everything in this area is fun and exciting, and this is a great space for any family with older kids! 

There’s Nowhere Like Boston!

This city understands the importance of fun and entertainment.  If you’re ready to settle down and want to land somewhere amazing: make sure it’s Boston.