How to Create a Stunning Video Ad in Under 5 Minutes

Stunning Video Ad knows that a video ad is a great way to grab your audience’s attention and help them remember the benefits of your product or service, but they can be time-consuming to create from scratch. If you’re short on time but want to take advantage of video ads as part of your marketing plan, here’s how to create one in just five minutes using an online video creator.  With these tips on Stunning Video Ad, you can focus on creating more compelling videos that produce results, rather than spending hours making the perfect clip that no one will ever see.

Is an Online Video Creator the Easiest Way to Make Stunning Video Ad?

The answer is yes. While there are plenty of video editing platforms out there, a lot of them are costly or complex. The beauty of being an online video creator is that it’s free and easy to use. 

If you want something even simpler, try Promo Editor. It is an online video maker that allows you to create stunning videos with nothing more than your phone. It’s perfect for creating professional-looking YouTube ads, Facebook commercials, and more. This editor also integrates with free stock footage services, so you can pull from millions of high-quality images and videos for even more creative options. 

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Moreover, it has simple tools and features that allow anyone to create and publish videos on social media, even if they have no video editing experience at all. With Promo Editor, you can create simple videos that look like they took hours of work. Feel free to try it out, so be sure to check it out if you want something quick and easy.

Steps to Quickly Create an Engaging Stunning Video Ad

Select a Video Creator

Video Ad

You can choose from dozens of video creators, like Wideo or Powtoon, depending on your needs. With each of these tools, you can create quality videos quickly, in some cases, within minutes. 

If you need to do more than one take, check out Promo Editor. It lets you record multiple video takes and integrate them into one seamless video. This could come in handy if you’re trying to fill time during an ad break with promos for other ads.

Come Up With Ideas

Remember: Your audience has already seen your message once before they see it again. So, make sure that what they see is worth their time.  This means you have only five minutes to capture and keep your viewers’ attention. That’s why don’t waste any time with lengthy clips or complex concepts.

To create a polished video ad, you need only three things: 

  1. A hook (or headline) that instantly grabs your viewer’s attention
  2. An engaging story
  3. Compelling visuals. 

Start with your hook: Imagine your audience is scrolling through their social feeds and has just landed on your post. What would make them stop scrolling and pay attention?

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Select Template

When you use an online video creator, you’ll be able to select from several ready-made templates. These help you save a lot of time on making video ads. Choose one that matches your business’s voice and audience. 

Most creators allow you to edit your template before exporting your ads, so feel free to experiment with different options. Just keep it professional! Avoid templates that feature low-quality images or goofy characters. These are almost guaranteed to turn viewers off. 

Instead, focus on templates that contain professional voice-overs and footage. And if you’re more of an artsy type, consider creating your own template from scratch. It may take a bit longer, but it can really help your business stand out from competitors.

Add Images and Videos

When creating an ad, you want to make sure it’s visually appealing and engaging. That means you’ll need some interesting images or videos at your disposal. 

You can add them directly from your computer or choose from free stock images and videos. Once you find what you like, drag and drop it into your video project. Don’t forget to customize it. You can resize images or move them around if they don’t fit perfectly.

Edit Before Publish

Video Ad

Before you publish your video ad, you should spend some time editing it. 

Pay close attention to two areas: overall lighting and audio quality. Both of these elements can be adjusted with online video-editing software, making it easy for you to make adjustments before publishing your final video ad. 

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And remember: Your product or service is what’s going to sell, so make sure your viewers are clear on why they need your it from watching your short video ad.

Final Thoughts

Planning out your video advertising strategy can be overwhelming. You’ll need to think about what message you want to portray, where your audience is, how you are going to distribute these videos, and so on. 

But planning for video ads doesn’t have to be difficult if you know where to start. Before you begin filming or uploading, do your research and plan out exactly what you want your final product to look like. This will allow you to create professional videos that grab your attention. 

And if you feel lost when it comes to getting started, ask yourself: 

  • Who is my target audience? 
  • How do I make my brand stand out? 
  • What does my story look like? 

Try answering these questions before diving into the video creation process.