Cool Neon Signs for Your Home


Neon signs are not something you have thought of putting in your home. After all, the popular belief is that cool neon signs are nothing more than vibrant bar decorations that you see in your neighborhood pub or some business places. However, times are changing. 

Today, the trend is to get cool neon signs for your home and place them in prominent places, including your living room! While neon signs can be a wonderful dive bar accessory, they can also complement your home. Whether you opt for a laid-back or chic design, putting a cool or custom neon sign in your space can help spice up the area and give your home a unique touch that visitors will certainly not expect. Plus, these innovative lighting options can work well in different rooms and come in various shapes, dimensions, and designs. 

Age does not matter; what matters is what makes your home your happy place. After all, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a little fun with your home decor, which could be the ideal way to do it. On top of that, nothing is better than making your home feel a little more cooler.

Why Do You Need Cool Neon Signs?

Neon signs are not just cool by term. The neon sign is cool because of its form, color, and philosophy after its shape and color. For example, the unicorn neon sign represents dreams.

Why Are Neon Lights More suitable?

Neon lights are better since they consume less energy than regular light bulbs. Not to mention cool neon signs are more superior because they have various industry users—no surprise they are usually used for advertising.

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5 Cool Neon Signs for your home

‘MY HAPPY PLACE’ neon sign

The My Happy Place cool neon sign adds the good vibes of Neon Lights to any room. If you want to change your outlook and energize yourself while getting a relaxing environment, then this neon sign is for you. Neon signs electrify a space with their warm, inviting glow. This neon sign is sure to take you to your happy place even if you are just watching your favorite Netflix series. Enjoy how the vibrant yet soft light bathes not only your room but you and your visitors too.

‘HAKUNA MATATA’ neon sign

Well, we live in a time when we are under constant pressure and deadlines. Life has become hectic and even at home the thoughts of forgotten excel sheet or emails haunt us. The Hakuna Matata sign is for all of us who want to come home and keep the worries where they belong, outside the door. Home is where you come and relax not think about work or pressurized tasks. With this cool neon sign you are sure to get the peace of mind you deserve.

‘QUE SERA, SERA’ neon sign

We know the song, but we should embrace its meaning too! Whatever will be, will be, and worrying about it will not resolve the issue. This cool neon sign is a reminder for you that life should be easy, not so hectic as we are making it! The brilliant yet soft lights that make any wall the center of attention and bring any room to life is worth having! Remember, we live only once, so why not do it without stress and anxiety?

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‘PET PARENTS PAW’ neon sign

This one is for all you pet parents. This cool neon sign is a homage to your furry friends or kids! The sign depicts the love, compassion, and adoration our pets give and receive from us. This cool neon sign is a regular reminder of how much we are blessed to have these beautiful souls in our lives who make it interesting with mischief and love. If you are a pet parent, this sign is a must, plus you can also customize it with their names in it!


‘POKEMON BALL’ neon sign

The Pokemon Ball cool neon sign is for all the Pokemon fans out there. Although the design is simple, it tells many diverse stories with the various series we grew up in and the games we play on our gaming consoles or pcs. With the addition of this sign to your domain, you will constantly be receiving compliments not only from friends but other players out there.