Computer Glasses Vs. Reading Glasses: What Options Do You Have

Computer Glasses Vs. Reading

In this article, we’re going to discuss Computer Glasses Vs. Reading glasses-

  1. Compare  computer glasses vs. reading glasses
  2. Glasses that help you see your best as well as relieve eyestrain
  3. Share tips on how to find the best prescription computer glasses 
  4. Share tips on when over-the-counter reading glasses can be used as computer glasses

Is there a difference between reading glasses and computer glasses, Computer Glasses Vs. Reading-?

Many people ask ophthalmologists if reading glasses are the same as computer glasses, and the answer is frequently no! but sometimes yes! It really depends on if you need prescription glasses. Generally, just to see in the distance or not, if you are somebody who doesn’t need prescription glasses to see far away, then often just picking up reading glasses works great for seeing things up close. And if you’re someone whom that works excellent for, then yes, over-the-counter reading glasses could be used as computer glasses.

Can Reading Glasses be used as computer glasses, Computer Glasses Vs. Reading?

Reading glasses work great for seeing things up close. If you’re someone who works great, then over-the-counter reading glasses could be used as computer glasses. Still, it depends on the power you need, and that’s because in general, when we are reading up close, we hold books and papers much closer than where we have things like the computer screen.

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What power of Reading glasses to use?

Knowing which power of over-the-counter reading glasses to use can be a little challenging without a thorough eye examination. Still, many people find success by going to a dollar store or wherever you usually will discover over-the-counter reading glasses. They just try on the different powers. There are lower powers around plus one. It usually goes up to plus three or so. People try to mix and match, finding what’s comfortable for them. 

Still, in general, you can use age as kind of just a loose guideline. Often, the younger you are toward the early to mid-40s, you want to start on that lower end. As you get close to about age 55 and older, you’re looking for something closer to maybe the 2 to 2.50 range. Again, that’s a rough guideline. There are some other factors to play in there, and if you’re not sure what’s going on, you want to talk to your local eye doctor.

Harmon Distance

In optometry, you base a lot of reading needs and reading power based on somebody’s Harmon distance. This is the distance from somebody’s elbow to their middle knuckle, where you would typically hold reading material and then have kind of equal length to your eyes. For a lot of people, this is around 40 centimeters. In the math world, we use one over 0.40 meters which are 40 centimeters that, equals 2.5 diopters. 

That’s why for many people’s bifocal ads or recommended over-the-counter reading glasses are usually somewhere around a 2.25 or a 2.50 dioptric power, but that can be tailored based on how far out you hold your reading material for taller individuals. Their arms are usually longer. Hence, we often prescribe something a little bit less, like a 2.25, and for people, they typically have smaller components, so then the power needs to be increased, so we’re usually around that 2.50 mark.

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Computer Glasses Power

The computer should be further away, about a whole arm’s length away from you for computer glasses. And because of that, people need less power, and in the clinic, ophthalmologists often will make a measurement that’s close to their arm’s length away, and that’s usually found somewhere around a plus 1.50 up to a plus-two with a kind of a sweet spot, I find around the 1.75 range.

Eye Drops for Reading Glasses- Computer Glasses Vs. Reading

Now there is just a new option for people who don’t need the prescription glasses into the distance, and that is the recent eye drop called Vuity. or you may check out for other Soft Lens Rewetting Drops. However, you can always go to your eye doctor for more recommendations.

Computer Glasses Vs. Prescription Glasses

If you are somebody 

  1. Who spends a lot of time in front of the computer all day, let’s say for work or things like that, or? 
  2. You experience eye strain, or 
  3. You require prescription glasses all the time to see far away up close all those things 

Then getting a prescription pair of computer glasses will likely give you the best vision and comfort with your eyesight and probably make you even more productive working on these devices.

Best eyeglasses for reading and computer

There are several options for prescription computer glasses, and some options may work better for some than others. So, I want to break down a few of your options. One is just a reliable, complete prescription pair for just the computer screen. This is a pair of glasses where the power is completely dialed in and dedicated just for your computer. Using distance means the entire lens is just one power, and everything looks lovely sharp, crystal clear. If you have dual-screen monitors, this will probably work the best.

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 If you’re not constantly searching for where the clear part of your glasses is going to be, then when you’re wearing these glasses because they’re set for a specific distance 

  • If somebody comes in through your office door or 
  • You turn around to look in the distance 

Things are going to be a bit blurry. So, some people look over the top of their glasses if they can; otherwise, they’re going to have to switch to their regular glasses. That’s just the one little thing you must keep in mind.

Office Computer Glasses Explained

An office lens is like a progressive lens except for the top of the lens. Now, you can get your favorite pair of reading or computer eyeglasses that suits your face. This can be done via virtual try-on glasses at SmartBuyGlasses. The considerable part of the lens is for the computer, and then the minor progressive toward the bottom is just so that you can see anything on your desk, any sort of papers or briefs right in front of you. I find these work well for anybody doing any data entered into a computer because they can glance downward and then glance back at the computer and read everything very well. But just like we mentioned before, the distance part of the glasses is meant for the computer. So, if somebody does enter the office, it’s going to be a little hard to see them. You may have to switch back to a different pair.