Body Jewelry; Basic Introduction to Belly Rings

to Belly Rings

Today, the belly button piercing (also referred to as the navel piercing) is one of the most usual and favorite body piercings available. Piercings have been traced back to Biblical times or even earlier; it has also been suggested that belly rings originated as an Egyptian practice. The Egyptians believed that belly piercings symbolized the liberty of the spirit to fly from death to immortality.

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé have helped keep belly button piercings fashionable for the past few years. Considering how popular this steamy style has been among celebrities for years, there’s no indication that it will fade very soon.

Let It Heal:

After getting the piercing done, the next step is to heal it. Follow this simple technique to avoid having your navel piercing caught on clothing, irritated by friction, or harmed while participating in vigorous sports and activities during the healing process. 

Use an elastic bandage similar to an ankle wrap to put a perforated eye patch made of hard plastic over your piercing to keep it in place. Make sure to clean your navel piercing daily to keep it looking its best. Don’t remove your belly ring until the piercing has healed.

Material of Belly Ring:

Your piercer’s advice should be taken into consideration while selecting jewelry, as they have a better sense of what type of jewelry will work best for you, especially while your piercing is healing. 

Typically, they will suggest rings made of typical trigger metals that will not induce an allergic reaction. Selecting the appropriate metals for your jewelry is critical because not all metals are acceptable for all people. For example, choosing titanium, silver, gold, and diamond belly rings is perfect to avoid any allergic reaction.

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Types of Jewelry for Belly Piercing

The belly ring is the most famous kind of body piercing jewelry because it is the hottest style among many body piercing jewelry available on the market. Belly Button piercing adornments are becoming increasingly fashionable, not only among teenage females but also older women. The following are some examples of womens anklets for sale jewelry in various styles.

Circular Barbells:

Circular barbell or captive bead ring are both excellent options if you prefer a more straightforward and understated appearance instead. With its simple design and included beads to hold your jewelry in place, it’s ideal for a more traditional style. The fit is effortless, and the style is both beautiful and functional.

Navel Twister Rings:

Because of the twisted spiral shape of these belly rings, you can put them into your navel and attach them with a screw-on ball, as the name suggests. With these rings, you may achieve the appearance of having two piercings without getting another piercing. They’re also an excellent alternative to curved or circular piercings.

Dangle Curved Barbells:

Dangle curved barbells are a great way to make a statement. In comparison to other types of belly rings, these feature distinctive embellishments on them that dangle around when you move. In addition, you may find them in several designs ranging from the simple to the complex. You can choose the most basic type for daily wear and then switch to an eye-catching style when you want to flaunt your new look. Select your favorite!

Belly Rings With No Dangling Elements

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These belly rings are available in various styles, from simple to spectacular. They are available in several materials and can be embellished with brilliant gemstones, intricate motifs, and other embellishments. They are equally as beautiful as their dangling counterparts. This style is perfect for everyday wear, especially the simpler ones.

Reversed Curved Barbells:

Reverse belly rings are a fashionable new trend in belly piercing jewelry that is becoming increasingly popular. They differ from conventional dangling belly rings with dangling charms hanging from the top of the navel, highlighting its length. These are available in a variety of styles ranging from simple to complex and intricate.

Barbell With a Curved Shape:

Jewelry for navel piercings includes various styles, but this is among the most popular. In addition to providing a fashionable appearance, the delicate curvature of this barbell complements the natural curves of your navel. There are barbells with spikes or diamonds on the ends if you want something a little more unique than a simple curved barbell with balls.

Diamond Belly Ring:

A beautiful diamond belly ring will shine brighter than any other stone in the world. To ensure that you’ll be wearing your belly ring for the rest of your life, invest in something that you’ll never want to remove. There is a vast collection of gorgeous and reasonably priced styles to select from. 

Piercing of the Belly Button: Potential Health Hazards

Even though many people have no issues after getting a body piercing, you may:

Infection: A belly button piercing makes it more vulnerable to infection than other body areas. Because it’s so permeable, bacteria can hide out there.

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Ripping: If your jewelry gets caught on something, it could cause skin damage. The stitches may be required if this occurs.

Allergy: Nickel in the jewelry is a likely cause.

Scarring: The place of your piercing may develop keloids, which are thick, lumpy scars that are difficult to remove.

Remove your ring if you encounter difficulties or decide you no longer wish to wear it. Fresh belly piercings tend to close up quite rapidly.


Decide whether or not this piercing is right for you now that you’ve acquired all the knowledge. It’s important to know what you like and what you’re comfortable with before getting a piercing. You should go ahead and get the piercing you’ve always wanted if you believe this is the best choice for you.