Best Logo Makers 2022


A logo for any company or firm is, first of all, a graphic or text image that serves as a representative person or a “business card” for a start-up (or already existing) business. The logo is responsible for expressing the main direction of the company’s or firm’s work, as well as its values and significant brand characteristics. The logo tends to symbolize a certain concept.

If a company or firm has decided for themselves that they need just such a logo, then you need to pay special attention to it. Even the chosen language plays an important role here. The orientation of the letters in the logo, the difference in fonts, the distance between the first and last letter and other very important points also matter.

Why do companies need a logo? Wide meaning of logos

If there is no logo, then the company (firm) will not be able to interact effectively and purposefully with its desired audience. Also, a company or firm cannot inform her about the quality of services or products, make advertising, attract everyone’s attention. The firm cannot influence the choice of buyers and form the loyalty of its customers.

This is not just a pretty picture with an inscription in the form of the name of the company (company). In addition to resolving the aesthetic component, the logo also performs a number of other important functions that are important for any business. If the logo is made up incorrectly, this entails such consequences as:

  1. People are not interested in the product, they do not want to buy it (because they cannot understand whether they trust the company or not);
  2. Buyers who have previously purchased any services and were satisfied with them cannot find the company (firm) again, since the logo is not remembered – the absence of distinctive features.
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Without a logo, it is difficult for a firm (company) to form its positive image in the eyes of people-consumers, and it is also difficult to extend this image to other goods or services. It is important to complete two steps that will lead to the successful creation of a working logo.

The first step is the business history. The mission for business is a short paragraph where such signs as:

  1. The scope of the firm or company;
  2. Why is the business aimed specifically at this area of activity;
  3. For whom this business exists.

In addition to these three points, it is very important to be able to express your own vision of the business (firm or company), as well as its future. This text indicates:

  1. The idea of business in a few years;
  2. List of problems that this business solves;
  3. What changes will be given to people and society as a whole.

It is important to find your personal inspiration when creating a logo. After the mission and vision are defined, you can start visualizing the logo. The best way would be inspiration.

You can pay attention to competitors and companies (firms) that cause admiration and recognition. You can take notes and save what you liked the most. In addition, it is important to keep examples of logos that you don’t like. This will help prevent mistakes or minimize them.

Services for creating logos. Their descriptions

For a simpler and no less effective way to create logos, online services are often used. The main and most common services:

  1. Turbologo;
  2. TailorBrands;
  3. Looka;
  4. Designhill;
  5. Canva.
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Turbologo online service is an online logo creation service that allows you to create your own logos in a matter of minutes. In his stock there is a large variety of fonts and graphics for professional creation, as well as fast and high-quality work.

Functions performed by this service:

  • there is a choice of color design;
  • frame selection method;
  • timely viewing of the logo.

Advantages of Turbologo:

  1. Choosing a font without labels;
  2. Determining font sizes, spacing between letters;
  3. There is a catalog of effects and styles;
  4. Select a specific color for each frame.

Turbologo also has several disadvantages:

  1. A lot of monotonous frames;
  2. The background color cannot be selected;


At this point in time, TailorBrands can be called a good option for an online service for logo development. The main principle of the company is the ability of everyone to choose their own design.

Functions performed by this service:

  • ample opportunities to develop a logo based on its type (in the form of an icon or initials of the company);
  • there is a large library of icons;
  • almost every aspect of the logo can be customized.

Advantages of TailorBrands:

  1. You can print the logo on business cards, T-shirts and much more;
  2. Compatibility with social media tools;
  3. There is a generator of seasonal logos.

Also, TailorBrands has several disadvantages:

  1. There is no way to upload your images until there is a subscription to the standard plan or higher;
  2. There is no way to choose exactly the colors that you want.


Looka is an online logo creation tool. It uses artificial intelligence and sophisticated algorithms to generate variants. The list of its functions includes:

  • fast logo development;
  • garantia of uniqueness;
  • the number of attempts is unlimited;
  • affordable prices and tariff plans.

The advantages of this Looka online service include:

  1. Quick logo creation;
  2. Generating an infinite number of designs to choose from;
  3. The uniqueness of the logos is guaranteed.
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The disadvantages of Looka include:

  1. The program may not support some languages;
  2. Does not have ready-made templates.


Designhill is a graphic design platform for professional graphic designers. It serves more than 20 design categories. The functions of this online service include:

  • you can hire people for absolutely any graphic design;
  • good color palettes;
  • a large number of designers;
  • provides any design services: websites, t-shirts, tattoos, etc.;
  • the ability to share your design on social networks.

Advantages of Designhill:

  1. A simple and fast solution for finding a good logo for your own company;
  2. You can make your project private;
  3. You can get a free consultation.

Disadvantages of Designhill:

  1. A lot of records have to be filtered and organized;
  2. The installation process is not modern, sometimes it takes time.


This online service does not require the development of complex functionality, it is very easy to work in it. This is an opportunity to create a professional logo in just one minute.

The functionality of this service:

  • cooperation with a partner in real time;
  • the ability to link an account to your social networks;
  • there are large color palettes.


  1. Easy to use;
  2. Availability of a large number of free functions;
  3. There is a choice of design for different purposes.


  1. You need to be careful with fonts, as they may disappear;
  2. The image size in the basic version cannot be changed;
  3. Requires a network and fast Internet.


So, drawing a conclusion from all that has been said, you can easily understand how important logos are for a company or firms. And it doesn’t matter if the company has been around for a long time or is just starting its way in business. To create a uniquely successful logo for a long time, you can turn to online services for creating original logos.