15 Ideas for Navel Piercing on Fat Stomach

Navel Piercing on Fat

The standards of beauty vary from one another. Beauty lies in the way one perceives. Body imaging is one of the significant parameters to identify the beauty of a person. However, everyone’s body is different still; the slim and curvy appearance appeals to all. The body fat calculator helps a person in identifying the right amount of fat for a healthy body. This amazing body fat calculator tool helps a person analyze the current fat amount and the recommended one. The accurate body fat calculator tool is an online accessible tool that helps get to know the status of body fat, thus helping in deciding the type of navel piercing.

After you’ve decided on the type of piercing you want, make sure you get a nice piece of jewelry like the ones offered by jewelry stores in Boise.

Role of fat in the body, Navel Piercing on Fat belly:

The fat is a macromolecule that a body needs for proper body functionality. It is an integral part of the cell membranes thus plays a role in every essential process. Some people think that fat restriction is the key to weight loss and getting desirable weight. But it is not a fact. The right thing is to keep a balance between the macronutrient ranges. The body fat calculator thus assists in getting to know about a person’s body fat. Body piercing has now become a trend that many youngsters are now moving towards it. If you want to have one, consider the best body fat calculator in your mind for selecting a suitable piercing style.

They find it attractive to have a piercing on different body parts. One such part is the navel piercing that is unique and appealing to look at. People think that a flat stomach can have a navel piercing, but everyone of any size can have this with the right technique. The body fat calculator tape measures the fat mass and lean mass percentage of a person, thus analyzing the right association of fat on the stomach with the piercing.

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15 amazing ways of navel piercing:

The navel piercing can be obtained in several ways and styles. The most prominent ways of these are listed below. Have a look at these to have a broader view about navel piercing and techniques:

  1. Button navel piercing
  2. Ring navel piercing
  3. Flat stomach navel piercing
  4. Fatty stomach navel piercing
  5. Ornament navel piercing
  6. Hanging navel piercing
  7. Metallic navel piercing
  8. Double chain navel piercing
  9. Customized navel piercing
  10. Inverted ball navel piercing
  11. Designated navel piercing
  12. Colourful navel piercing
  13. Double navel piercing
  14. Horizontal navel piercing
  15. Multi navel piercings

Navel shapes and piercing:

As the human body fat ranges are different from individual to individual, similarly try the human navel are of different shapes and sizes which demand different piercing styles. All human navel shapes are not the same; thus the navel piercing should not be the same for these. Below are the few navel types and the respective navel piercing styles:

  •         Vertical belly button type is quite common and appears like I, in this navel shape. The horizontal piercing suits the most.
  •         The horizontal belly button shape is a typically narrow shape which usually shows the upper portion of T. The bead on the top of it provides an aesthetic look. It can be a pearl or metallic bead.
  •         The round belly button is similar to the outie shape. It is sometimes protruding and bulging out. Different piercing can suit this shape like hanging or multiple piercings.
  •         As the name indicates, the light bulb navel has a little folding on the stomach’s upper part. It is unique in shape. Some people add a ring in this shape to make it look appealing.
  •         Protruding or outie navel shape is the one that is protruding outside of the belly. Some people also have an innie belly button shape, with which any piercing shape can go. It is completely an individualized thing.
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The deep hollow belly button is like a funnel-shaped in which shadow appears on the bottom side. A little hanging chain or ring suits this shape and enhances its beauty.

Once you get to know about your body fat percentage through a body fat calculator, you can consult with a specialist. They will guide you for the piercing style following the body fat and navel shape.

The piercing position:

Although the navel piercings are if hundreds of styles, the positioning of the piercing also varies. The navel piercing can be placed at the outer rim, lower rim or sides. It depends on the multiple factors that which type of positioning will be used. For instance, you get to know about your body fat through a body fat calculator as in the normal image, and then it depicts good stomach fat around the navel. So the person can wear any style of piercing with any position. But it is not the same with other body types.

The navel piercing shows many emotions of strength, courage, happiness. The types and positioning of piercings are person-specific. For instance, navel piercing is much more prevalent in women than men. It symbolizes beauty and feminine features. It is not necessary that a flat stomach or slim body can wear such piercings. It entirely depends on one’s will and preferences. Everybody is different, and one should own it in the way it is. You can get to know about your body through various online tools like body fat calculator, body shape calculator, etc.

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Piercing technique:

Like the body fat calculator follows a technique of doing calculation through fed in the formula. Similarly, the piercing involves a specific technique. The manual practice of navel piercing is done by a sharp needle inserted and then moves forth back outside with speed. There is no pain felt at the time of piercing if the person is skilled and professional. The other way is the use of types of equipment or gadgets. In this way, the work becomes smarter and quicker. It ensures no pain, with the speedy delivery of outcome. The infection changes become negligible with the equipment based technique through sterilizations as no hand exposure is required.

Sterilization is much more suitable and effective than hand washing for piercing. Still, it is the individual’s choice to select the method from naval piercing, but the focus should be on the person who is doing piercing. He must be professional and skilled. The use of a body fat calculator is not difficult at all. Everyone can get have access to it from the web and operate it due to its simple interface.

The hygiene consideration in navel piercing:

Proper hygiene and sterilization is a must for tey navel piercing. Do you want to do a navel piercing? Then you should consult and make an appointment with a professional. The professional person is capable of doing the piercing in the way it should be. He will take care of the standard points and your choices and access the body fat percentage through a body fat calculator for a detailed analysis. Many people have a complaint of the infection in the piercing areas.

This issue primarily arises when the standard hygiene guidelines are not followed. The sterilization of the equipment is as important as hand hygiene. The use of the same injection needle for two persons can prove lethal and drastic. Avoid the chances of poorly designed naval piercing and infection through body fat calculator and sterilization procedure, respectively.