How to spend a beautiful day in Dresden? Here’s all you need to know


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Now, if you’ve already started packing, wait for a minute. Know these juicy details on how to spend a day in Dresden, and your trip will be extra memorable. The first step would be a comfortable travel for you, and your following. You can hire a group charter if you are travelling with a group.

Dresden, the “German Florence” of the old and the beautiful capital of the German state of Saxony in the modern era, is quite a hidden gem.

With its charming weather and historic buildings, Dresden is where history meets the contemporary, where destruction and beauty collide. But, unfortunately, Germany has done very well in hiding this amazing city.

It was almost destroyed in World War II, but they’ve risen like a phoenix from its own dust. This has combined all that’s Baroque with all of the artistry and technology of the age we live in.

Dresden offers a handful, from the exalting pieces of architecture to the marvelous natural beauty Saxony Switzerland offers in abundance. All of this without the worst part; the procession of tourists.

Now, if you’ve already started packing, wait for a minute. Know these juicy details on how to spend a day in Dresden, and your trip will be extra memorable.

  1. 1.The Old Town

When you have only one day, it’s best to live it to the fullest. So, start with the best. Visit the old town, known locally as the Alstadt, for all the beauty of history in this time-capsule of a town.

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Start your day with a walk along the Elbe river. 

Then start your exploration with “Georgenbau,” a gate cum palace built in the 1500s. It stands tall like a portal to all that was from all there is.

You’ll see “Katholische Hofkirche” or the Dresden Cathedral just around the corner. It has seen centuries go by, has suffered in war, and then has been reinstated to its old glory through renovation.

You can’t miss “Fürstenzug” and complete your Dresden trip. You just can’t. Not many walk past the world’s largest porcelain artwork and not get dumbfounded by its sheer brilliance and magnanimity. 

It’s 102 meters long, was painted in the 1870s, but then was replaced by tiles to make it weatherproof 30 years later. This masterpiece exhibits 35 rulers who belong to the House of Wettin.

Then go to “Zwinger,” one of the best examples of Baroque architecture. It has a few museums filled to the brim with paintings and porcelain artifacts.

Don’t forget to pay a visit to “Frauenkirche Church” or the “Church Of Our Lady.” It is one of the best Protestant Lutheran churches that are sacred to millions of people. 

  1. 2.Take a walk in Brühl’s Terrace.

The “Brühl’s Terrace,” known as “The Balcony Of Europe,” is a walkway that unfurls its beauty above the shores of the river Elbe. 

Here, look at one side, and you will have all those architectural spectacles of the Old town of the old world. 

Now take a look at the other side, and you’ll have all the best coffee places. Even time stops here and sips on a hot cuppa. You should too. 

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And soak in all you can. You don’t get this atmosphere every day.

  1. 3.Visit the Old Masters Picture Gallery

If you have any time left on your watch, and your heart is still yearning for more to see, to experience, then head to the “Old Masters Picture Gallery” or “Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister.”

It’s an enormous museum that hosts more or less 750 paintings ranging from the 15th to the 18th century, belonging to some of the best German, French, and Spanish painters of these centuries. 

You’ll feel right at home if you have any interest or deeper passion for Realism and its artistic expressions. 

It’s often said that art is nothing but interpretations of life. You’ll feel that here. If you have keen eyes, you will notice many famous ones like Bruegel’s “Tower of Babel.”

  1. 4.Feel the music in a free concert

If you love music, then Dresden will be a delightful experience. 

Check out what “Scheune” has to offer. It’s a cultural hub that promotes art, artists, and all its admirers. Free concerts are a regular occurrence here. 

There are other events happening all around the city that are free of cost or take as low as 5 euros to enjoy. So be on the lookout when you reach Dresden.

You won’t be disappointed.

  1. 5.The good, the bad, and the crazy nightlife

If you like your nights fun and crazy, Dresden has no shortage of places that fit that description. They are often less crowded but with a real vibe around them at a much lower price than some of the bigger European cities.

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Check out “Hebedas Bar,” one of the oldest pubs around here with a really nice atmosphere and some nice beers. However, if you’re more into showing off your moves or getting sultry and sweaty on the dancefloor, you can consider “Mondfisch Kneipe” and “Madness Bar.”

But if you want the fun of another sort, which is much more erotic, sensual, and played out best in the bed, then get in contact with a Modeling agency in Dresden. Then, fill up your night with some love. You’ll get lovely company, fine dining, and some uninhibited pleasures.


Dresden is a city to behold and wonder about our place in this world or history.

The whole city reverberates with the harmonies of our past, but it also dances to the tunes of modernity just as perfectly. The war had destroyed it, but some things are beyond destruction.

Come to Dresden, walk these streets, look around, and you’ll agree too that Dresden indeed has some magic.