Dream11 APK for PC Windows(7/8/10) Free Download – Latest Version

Dream11 APK for PC Windows(7/8/10) Free Download - Latest Version
Dream11 APK for PC Windows(7/8/10) Free Download - Latest Version

Dream11 APK for PC Windows(7/8/10) Free Download – Latest Version. We all have a different way of looking at things, but it’s always enlightening to learn how others see and interpret the world that we live in.

Although this article is obviously not an unbiased or objective literary piece, please allow me to use excerpts from the “How To Use Dream11 App” article written by Anushka Gaur and published on 01/03/19 on top10in.com to help you better understand how somebody else might see the app.

What is Dream11 APK

Dream11 is a fantasy cricket and android application which houses the leading online platform for all kinds of cricket games. Apart from Dream11, there are many other games available too that it makes the app even more entertaining to play.

You no longer have to think about what your team should be played or how to set up teams and lineups because with this application, you can do it almost automatically.

The Dream11 app is also preferred during the famous Indian Premier League every year where you can also win some money by just playing as an individual player in your favourite game. Here’s a quick peek at some features:

How to Use Dream11 PC Apk?

To join IPL cricket through the Dream11 app, you first need to create your own team. When you build your team, you will be given 100 credits for this. From those credits you can pick players. For each player you select from any of the 11 teams listed on screen, you will find a list of points below their name that they cost per match.

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You may only pick 7 players from the 11 listed on your team page including two captains and one vice-captain of your choosing. In this mode it is imperative that all of the spaces in your lineup are filled with eleven high rated players in all three key positions: fast bowling, batting and fielding and are also placed according to their preferable hitting distance so as to ensure balance throughout the game otherwise failure is almost always guaranteed before even playing a single game!

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Why You Need Dream11 App on PC?

It’s always better to have too much than not enough. More than ever before, average people now have access to live cricket. One can watch as recently-active players are highlighted on the screen and new player stats are kept track of as a match unfolds.

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From setting up a team to knowing which strategies will work and simply making the right decisions when it’s time to make selections – dream11.in PC app is your best choice if you’re looking to go beyond what other beginner players know.

You stand a chance of getting rewarded with money from the tournament. Your team is playing in a special event today so it would help if you participated and did well for your team – even if it means you’ll have to miss out on something else that was penciled in for your day.

Overall, it’s important to remember that a little first-hand research into your options for playing these sports is key to determining if a game really is worth your time and effort. No one knows eSport better than the people who are in the know: other players. They can tell you everything you want and need to know about games.

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You can use it as a fun form of exercise, or as an easy way to make a little extra cash. Either way, we’re glad you could find the time to check it out!

How to Install the Dream11 App on PC Windows 7/8/10?

You can download and install dream11 on windows computer smoothly with the help of Bluestacks. You must know that this application is an android emulator app so you may face some issues while you’re trying to run it on your computer. We suggest our readers use Bluestacks to play dream11 online. Here are the steps to install Dream11 on Pc with the help of Bluestacks:

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To install Bluestacks, you will need to download it from the Bluestacks website. Once you have downloaded the installer, double click on it to begin installation. Installation can take some time, so please be patient while this happens. Click Next to move through the wizard and accept all presented dialogues if asked.

Once installed and opened for use, click on the Search button in the top right corner of the interface and enter Dream11 in the search box. Press Enter or OK when ready to see your results. To log into your Google account, click on the Sign In button at the bottom right of Dream11’s app window.

When prompted by Google, click Allow if that is what you want to do and provide your login credentials once offered a login prompt. If a new Google Play page opens asking about permissions for apps downloaded from a PC instead of an Android device like intended – please cancel out of it and try using your account credentials as directed above instead!

To install Dream11 app for PC, one needs to go through a few simple steps.


If you play Dream11 using your PC instead of a mobile app, you may not realize that the time has passed and you will also be able to win prizes while playing! We suggest following our instructions to install the Dream11 app on your PC to prank your friends and family as they won’t be able to tell that it is only a simulator. We hope you found our tip helpful, thanks for reading!