Chemical Catalyst Solutions Companies

chemical catalyst manufacturing company

The global catalyst market hit a cumulative value of approximately US$34b in 2020 and still growing. It was projected that the market would continue to grow at a CAGR of roughly 5% during the period between 2021 and 2026. The main drivers behind the growth are an increased utilization of catalysts in chemical synthesis, polymers, petrochemical, petroleum refining, and even environmental sustainability solutions.

Moreover, shifting energy trends have encouraged the use of renewable fuels including shale gas fuel and biodiesel, further fueling the market growth. That’s why there is increased growth in the relevance of chemical catalyst solutions companies.

What are chemical catalysts?

Before learning more about the companies that create chemical catalyst solutions, let’s first understand what chemical catalysts are. A chemical catalyst is a substance that is used to support a chemical reaction by lowering the activation energy needed for the reaction without getting consumed in the process.

Chemical catalysts are reusable, thus they are highly efficient and cost-effective “boosters” of chemical processes.

What are chemical catalyst solution companies?

Before engaging any industry-leading chemical catalyst manufacturing company for unique solutions, it’s important to know what these companies are all about, and the roles they play.

A chemical catalyst manufacturing company is tasked with creating unique and effective catalysts for different industries such as the petroleum refining industry.

What roles do catalyst manufacturing companies have?

These companies contribute in the following ways to the catalyst industry:

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1. Research and development

Chemical catalyst manufacturing companies are supposed to invest heavily to facilitate an R&D process that is aimed at producing improved catalysts. They do so by innovating and designing catalysts that deliver better performance, efficiency, and selectivity.

Such companies often have a full team of scientists and engineers whose sole and most important role is to discover newer and more efficient catalytic materials. They can also optimize existing materials (for example by changing their structural compounds), to increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

2. Process optimization

Catalyst manufacturing companies can work with their clients to optimize the chemical processes that utilize catalysts. They can effectively analyze kinetics, catalyst performance, and operating conditions, thus identifying any opportunities for improvements.

Such collaboration makes it easier to optimize processes and increase productivity while limiting energy consumption and reducing the amount of waste produced.

3. Customization

Different industries have different requirements, and that’s why working with a leading chemical catalyst manufacturer would be a good idea. Such manufacturers will identify the unique requirements of your business and the industry that it is in.

They can then create bespoke solutions to meet your needs, taking into consideration various factors such as the desired product yield, environmental impact, reaction conditions, and more. BY customizing chemical catalysts, it’s possible to improve factors such as cost-effectiveness, safety, and others.

4. Quality control

Chemical catalyst manufacturing companies use rigorous quality control methods to guarantee that their products are of the highest standards. These QC processes test for, among others, activity, purity, selectivity, and longevity, to ensure that the manufactured products meet the needs of each customer.

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Final thought

Chemical catalyst solution companies are excellent additions to industries that utilize catalysts to promote certain processes. By working with a leading and certified catalyst manufacturing company like Applied Catalysts, it’s not only easier to create catalytic solutions that actually work, but it will also save you lots of headaches down the road.