Atvel Tune S5 Pro: similar to the sensational AirPods, but cheaper


Recently ATVEL, a company specializing in smart home appliances, has introduced a wireless earphone series. Even though there are only two models in it so far, their quality turned out to be on top. Available to order online

Atvel Tune S5 Pro are packaged in a compact white box with a glossy image of the headset and the brand logo. It opens quite hard, inside there is a traditional plastic tray with:

– earphones,

– charging cable,

– 3 sets of interchangeable ear pads of different sizes,

– instructions and documentation.

The oval case made of high-quality plastic is pleasant to the touch. The assembly is very high quality, the cover of the case smoothly leans back and is fixed in the upper position.

The design of the earphones is catching. With a classic pods form factor, subtle indicators, and top-brand build quality – these earphones are a pleasure to pick up and put in your ears.

Tune S5 Pro keeps well in the ears and does not fall out. If needed, you can replace the ear pads by choosing the optimal size. Touch control is supported too, which allows you not to get your smartphone at all to adjust the volume, control playback and answer calls.

Despite the fact that the Pro model does not use Qualcomm technology, the sound quality is still at its best here. Tune S5 Pro will delight you with the excellent transmission of all frequencies and the smallest details of music or movie soundtracks, without distortion, overload, muffled voices and other problems typical of more budget models. Bass also sounds great.

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The noise cancellation in Pro-model is excellent: in addition to six microphones that provide 40 dB noise suppression, drowning out even old subway trains and the noise of a busy highway, a wind protection system is announced that combines compensating sound waves and a special form of microphones for mechanical protection.

During calls PureVoice speech recognition is used to ensure excellent voice quality even in noisy environments.

The earphones are protected according to the IPX5 standard and will not let you down during a workout in the rain, but you still shouldn’t abuse the protection.

Autonomy is one of the main advantages of Tune S5 Pro. The claimed time without noise cancellation is up to 7 hours from a single charge and up to 34 hours, taking into account recharging from the case. If you turn on noise reduction, the earphones will work for 6 and 30 hours, respectively, that is, like ProX without noise reduction.

In terms of the combination of characteristics, this is perhaps one of the best TWS earphones. The sound, autonomy and noise reduction are close to ideal here. Of course, they are not so affordable, but it’s still cheaper than more famous brands.