The Power of Digital Billboards


Billboards are considered a bit of an antiquated advertising tactic but this marketing channel is getting quite the makeover in the digital space. A new trend that has elevated this type of advertising is digital billboards. Old billboards are transformed into computer screens to display digital advertisements. This marketing tool isn’t just for brands with big budgets. Digital billboards can be affordable for small businesses as well. 

So, why should you take the leap into the cutting-edge channel of digital billboard advertising? Read on for the benefits digital billboards deliver to your brand.

Include Moving Effects

Unlike static images on traditional billboards, digital billboards can feature moving effects. These special effects help draw the eye as people drive by. Essential, the billboard is a video, so you can include even more information in your ad than before. Unlike traditional billboards that required limited space to share your message, you have the opportunity to share even more with your audience.

Update Billboard in Real-Time

Because digital billboards are, well, digital, the advertisement can be updated in real-time. This makes using billboards for short campaigns beneficial. Each ad throughout the campaign can change as well, so you’re able to share even more information. You also won’t have to worry about a billboard staying up too long past a launch date. This cuts down on waste as well, since you don’t have to risk paying for space beyond the conclusion of a campaign. Plus, if you need to make any adjustments, you can do so easily.

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Another flexible benefit of updating billboards is changing up the advertisement. You can use a similar ad and recycle a lot of the content. This has a huge cost savings as well since you don’t need to invest in a design that starts from scratch every time.

Updates to your billboard in real-time can happen as frequently as you like, which means you can adjust your billboard to reach a different target audience during different periods of time. For example, your brand may have one type of messaging for business people during the morning commute and another for families driving around on the weekend. 

Adds a Sense of Urgency

With a digital billboard, you’re essentially sharing space with many other brands (which is what helps keep costs low). The advertisements change on a timer, which people are aware of. This practice elicits a sense of urgency in the audience. They know the ad is going to disappear, so they’re determined to see it before it goes away. 

An urgency to see an ad isn’t the only urgency a digital billboard offers. The beauty of the video aspect is your brand can add a countdown as part of the campaign. A ticking timer has a psychological impact on people to take action. They know they need to act quickly to take advantage.

More Likely to Draw Attention

With traditional billboards, the image doesn’t frequently change. Drivers will eventually become so used to the advertisement that they block it out. They stop noticing it. A digital billboard, on the other hand, is constantly changing, which is more likely to draw someone’s attention.

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Even if your advertisement is frequently shown on a digital billboard, because the image or video can be changed in real-time, it could look different to the audience each time they see it. They’re much less likely to block it out because it’s always changing. 

Engage Customers on a Large Scale

The current climate of consumers loves to build connections with the brands they enjoy and support. One of the best ways to do that is through social media. While a target consumer could see your advertisement on a digital billboard, it may not be enough to engage that connection. But if your ad is promoting something happening on your social media, you get another opportunity to build that relationship. 

Taking advantage of online trends through your digital billboard that invites people into a conversation on social media can have long-term benefits. When they find you on social, they can connect immediately and continue to see a new type of advertisement from you: social media marketing. And, since updating your digital advertisements can be done in real-time, it’s super easy to stay up to date with online trends and engage a captive audience. 


If you’ve written off billboard advertising because it felt like a dying channel, it’s time to experience the benefits of digital billboards. It’s an advertising option that can be very beneficial for brands and it’s always worth a try. You never know what amazing results could happen.