Looking for a Place to Buy Wholesale Diamond in Arlington? Where to Buy It?

Looking for a Place to Buy Wholesale Diamond in Arlington? Where to Buy It?

Before you start shopping for your diamond make sure to pick the perfect diamond store to make your purchase. Finding a diamond dealer that you can trust is equal to finding the perfect diamond for you. You should also consider a  wholesale diamond dealer in Arlington since you can get them at a more affordable price and still get the quality of diamond you want. 

Is it cheaper to get a diamond wholesale?

The price difference between retail diamonds and wholesale diamonds can be up to 60%. Wholesale prices are cheaper by 60% than their retail counterparts, imagine how much you can save if you choose to buy from wholesale diamond sellers. 

How much is a wholesale diamond?

The price for a wholesale diamond is also per carat a 0.50-carat diamond price can start at $2,000 and can go up depending on its 4cs. Other factors such as the shape can also affect the price of the diamonds. 

Why are wholesale diamonds so cheap?

There are several reasons why wholesale diamonds are cheaper. First, the wholesale diamonds are taken directly from the source cutting all the middlemen which means topping up the diamond’s price is eliminated too. Second wholesale diamonds are bought in bulk and so they can be bought at a lower price compared to when they are bought by piece and they are tax-free. Third wholesale diamond sellers usually don’t need to spend on advertising their diamonds since they supply brick-and-mortar stores which means they can sell their diamonds faster even without advertising. 

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How to Buy Wholesale Diamonds with GIA Certification

Know more about the Diamond certificate 

To have more idea how diamonds are certified know more about them. As a buyer, it will be easier to understand the process if you are knowledgeable in how diamonds are certified and know what is GIA. GIA is one of the most reliable diamond evaluators that’s why they are recommended to certify diamonds and most sellers would prefer to have their diamonds certified by them. 

Ask your Seller if their Diamonds Are GIA Certified

You can directly ask your diamond seller if their diamonds are certified by GIA. They can then explain the features of the diamond can show you the certifications. Honest diamond dealers would be willing to spend time discussing with you all the diamond detail written on it certificate. 

Verify Certification 

You can get the certificate’s unique identification code and check them on the GIAs website to verify its authenticity. Or the diamond seller can even show search the code for you so you can be assured that the diamonds and the properties on its certification are the same. GIA-certified diamonds are best buys since you can be assured that the grades are indeed what’s on the grading report. 

Where is the best place to buy diamonds in Arlington?

Reputable Stores

Check on the most reputable stores in Arlington and choose 3 then compare and find out about their backgrounds so you can choose one. Picking the right store can lead you to the right diamond too. There are a lot of reputable stores in Arlington so better verify them yourself by checking on their online platform and reading the reviews and testimonials. 

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Wholesale diamond Dealers

Wholesale diamond dealers can be the best choice since they sell diamonds at a lower price. You can save almost 60% to 70% if you opt for wholesale diamonds plus you can be assured that the diamond has high quality too. Since most wholesale stores are catering to retail stores and individuals they make sure that their diamonds are excellent in quality and they have more varieties of diamond shapes, sizes, and grades.  

Credible Diamond Stores 

Make sure that you will be dealing with a diamond store who have the people’s permits and licenses to operate and sell diamonds. In this way, you won’t get into trouble and you won’t waste your money. 

Do your part as a buyer to be able to pick the right diamond seller and be able to buy a high-grade diamond. Diamonds are pricey so it’s good to be wise by having a guideline to follow in finding an honest diamond dealer who can offer you the diamond you desire to get your money’s worth.