How to Choose the Ideal Ear Piercing for Your Face Shape?

ear pieacing

Ear piercings are one of the most common forms of body modification. Depending on the artist, client, and culture, they can be emotional and physical. There are many different facial shapes that ear piercings would suit perfectly. These include narrow faces, elongated faces, round faces, and more! But how do we choose which piercing to get? This article will look at the popular face shapes and suggest the ideal ear piercings.

Ideal Ear Piercing for Your Face Shape

Ear piercing has become a prevalent trend in recent years. The average ear piercing size is 5mm to 7mm in diameter. The most popular size is 6mm, but there are many people who prefer a slightly smaller or larger size. 

The most common type of ear piercing is the basic lobe piercing, which is done by cutting a small hole on the top side of your earlobe. This type of piercing can be done with jewelry and is usually done by yourself at home with a needle and piercing gun.

Another popular type of piercing is cartilage piercing. This type of piercing is harder to do than basic lobe piercing. But, it tends to last longer because there’s less room for bacteria to grow inside your ear canal.

If you’re looking for something new, consider getting an eyebrow piercing or lip piercings. They’ll make you stand out more than just having your ears pierced! The ideal earring for your face shape depends on several factors:

  • The size of your earlobe. If you have small or medium-sized ears, you’ll need smaller earrings than if you have large ears. Depending on your skin tone and hair color, you can choose differently shaped earrings for different seasons.
  • Face shape. Round faces will look best with round or oval-shaped studs; heart-shaped faces will look best with barbells, and long oval faces will look best with posts or hoops.
  • Hair type. Longer hairstyles like braids work well with studs; short hairstyles like bangs work better with hoops.
  • Skin tone. Those with darker skin tones should opt for gold settings, while those with lighter skin tones should go for silver settings.
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Round Face

Round faces have a wide variety of diamond earrings that can be worn. The most common are the almond and small hoop earrings. These are small in size and can be worn with nearly any outfit.

If you have a round face, you should choose small hoops that sit on top of your lobe and don’t add too much volume. Small studs are a good choice because they contrast nicely with large earrings and draw attention away from piercing. A good pair of studs will help define your cheekbones and give you a classic look that can be easily dressed up or down.

You should also avoid wearing large hoop earrings because they may appear too big and uncomfortable on your face shape. Large hoops tend to make the top part of your ear thinner because they pull back far into the cartilage above your lobe.

Heart-shaped Face

If you have one of these faces, your ears should be pierced to the left and right. This will give you a more balanced look and allow you to wear necklaces without worrying about falling out. 

Heart-shaped faces have a wide forehead, a small nose, and a chin. The ears should be large and placed high on the head. For heart-shaped faces, the ears should be pierced high on the head and in the same direction as the hairline. Earrings should be medium with larger hoops if you want to wear them with your hair up or down.

You can choose a specific type of earring for each lobe or wear them in matching pairs if you’re looking for a more dramatic look. If you want to wear your ears long, you can choose earrings designed to hang past your shoulders or even lower than that!

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Oval Face

The most common face shape is the oval, which accounts for about 60% of all faces. Their features are most commonly associated with beauty. Oval faces are gentle, soft, and elegant. 

The oval face is very flattering and one of the most common facial features. It’s characterized by sharp corners on the sides of your face and broad, full cheeks. The eyes are large and wide apart, with prominent nose bridges and cheekbones. They have delicate features that look best when shaped by jewelry.

Most earrings for oval faces fall into two categories: large or small. Large studs can be too heavy for a face that is wide at the top but narrow towards the chin, while small studs may look too small on an oval face.

The best solution is to find an earring that combines both categories, so it looks like neither one is dominating the other. For example, long round hoops can be worn with medium-sized studs to look balanced against your face shape.

Elongated Face

The elongated face combines all the other shapes, with a longer forehead and more rounded cheeks. This type of face shape can have either large or small ears, depending on how your ears are positioned on your face.

Elongated faces may have a jawline wider than the other face shapes, making it essential to choose earrings that fit well with the shape of your face. If you want to wear oversized earrings that appear better on your elongated features, consider choosing studs or hoops instead of dangle earrings. Here are some tips:

  • Choose a stud earring with a large diameter so it will not get stuck in your earlobe.
  • Choose an earring with a round or square shape because they will look more attractive than triangular ones.
  • Choose an earring with a small diameter, but you can also choose one with a larger diameter if you want to ensure that it does not stick out too much from your ears.
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Square Shape

A square face is a prevalent type of face shape. Square faces have a broad forehead, high cheekbones, and a strong jawline. The shape of your earrings will help define your features further, but you can still wear large hoops if you have a small face and small hoops if you have a larger one.

Square faces are also known to have trouble with earrings that are too long or too short because they are often on the short side. The best way to find an earring that will look good on your square face is by visiting a jewelry store with a wide selection of different styles and sizes. Several types of diamond stud earrings suit square faces:

  • Large hoops. Large hoops are the most popular choice for this type of face shape because they give you a fantastic look and appeal. They can be worn to complement other features such as your eyes or lips and they can make your eyes appear bigger than ever before!
  • Large studs. Large diamond studs are another great option for people with square faces because they’re bolder than hoops and add definition to your face. The trick is finding the right pair that compliments your other features without overpowering them!
  • Small hoops. Small hoop earrings are another popular option for people who want something smaller than studs but still want some distinction. Small earrings look great with short hairstyles.


There are many types of piercings available. Each one can enhance your look. So make it a point to consider your face’s size and shape when buying a pair of studs or hoop earrings. 

Remember, there’s no right or wrong choice – just pick something that suits you or something that you like. This article gives you a better idea of what’s out there so that you can make the best choice for your face shape and style. Good luck!