Drive massive sales on social media using a giveaway contest!

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Every brand desires more attention for its products. Going viral is a dream, but it takes work to attain. Especially if you live in a saturated market, things might get challenging. Giveaways are a perfect way of showcasing the products and expanding the reach while offering and engaging activities for clients to take part in.

How can you arrange for a giveaway? Do you want to enhance your brand awareness? How about sales? Experts have developed a comprehensive list of what you may do through a step-by-step guide after defining your goals and picking the right ways to engage in the giveaway. Remember that many online platforms can help you start the procedure and go about the journey.

  • Define your aim

It’s fundamental to identify what you desire to achieve with the giveaway. Otherwise, it might end up being a time-consuming and pointless exercise. There are a few primary goals that eCommerce ventures are targeting with the giveaway. These include the following:

  •    Brand awareness: First and foremost, introducing the brand to more individuals is an aim of every entrepreneur. It usually results in social media popularity and email subscribers.
  •    Engagement: The second important aim that people have in mind is creating a buzz around the products and brand. In action, the tools like more tags, comments, and shares on the post play a vital role in creating engagement.
  •    Sales: Selling more products is the target of every entrepreneur. When you sell more products, you reach out to more people and thus create brand awareness. It results in more clients.
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So now you know very well that these goals are related. If you are serious about raising awareness of new products and services, you must work on your marketing strategy. The more well versed you are in your aims, the better performance you will show.

  • Offer exciting prices

Giving away with exciting prices generates high participation levels. It’s a decent offering to audiences who are interested in your brand. When you are going through the procedure and want to introduce new products, providing exciting prices will help you align people with your brand and offer your audience a taste of your product. An example is providing them with new products, which can be in a gift form. You can also use socialboosting to help you reach out.

  • Understand your audience

One vital point you must take advantage of the understanding skill of the audience. Whom are you working for? What products are they interested in? What excites your audience? These are some vital questions that you need to answer. When creating brand value, you must be clear about your goals and the resources in hand. For example, if you are trying to work on giveaways, you must adequately understand your finances to stay within budget.

  • Find partnership

Partnering with high-quality brands and influencers is a viable way of dramatically boosting the reach. You do not require a big influencer or brand. Still, you can start with small influencers with medium followers. 

So it’s always better to work with influencers with some audience base.