5 Powerful Ideas to Create Youtube Videos More Engaging


Youtube is the pioneer in hosting various types of video content for the whole population. It is one of the largest video-sharing platforms. Youtube hosts billions of videos from millions of creators, starting from marketing online to posting videos to entertain. Moreover, Youtube can be pretty intimidating at times due to the competition from content creators. 

The most important part about being a creator on Youtube is to be consistent and unique. If you do not post unique or at least original content consistently, you will get lost in the crowd. By default, the Youtube algorithm works in a manner that stops recommending or highlighting videos that are not finding many views or engagement from the viewers.

Making a name on Youtube is quite challenging. But if you implement the proper methods and use the correct tips, you can quickly scale higher. 

Here we have listed some professional tips that you can use to create engaging content and grow as a content creator on Youtube. Later in this article, we have also listed 5 powerful ideas to make your videos engaging and exciting to the viewer base.

Tips for the Channel

Find tips to effectively create an engaging channel. These are specific basic yet effective tips that do not need much effort or time to be implemented. 

Select a Niche

Before starting a Youtube channel, selecting the niche is the most important yet most challenging task. You will find at least one or more channels when you think about any content creating a niche. While it might sound quite interesting that you would create content on multiple niches from the beginning, it is not a very good idea. You need to stick to a particular niche to attract engagement as a new channel. If you go about making content for all sorts of topics, your viewer base would be confused, and hence reach would go down. Instead, selecting a particular niche, sticking to it, and creating unique content consistently for your channel would mean that you can deliver. This would automatically boost engagement which is one of the primary aims.

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Create Unique Content

Creating a unique video for Youtube is a no-brainer. As discussed multiple times before, uniqueness is vital to attract maximum engagement on board. Any niche you choose, you would find another creator posting content about that and viewers engaging on that channel. In that scenario, if you do not create unique content, viewers would never be attracted to your channel. Uniqueness is critical to compete against other creators and establish a name for yourself on Youtube. Moreover, your channel would attract more viewers and engagement if you provided a collective perspective on your channel.

Keep the Ideas Handy

Before you set your channel up, keep at least 40 to 50 ideas ready for creating content. This step is needed for preventive purposes since running out of ideas for content creators can be very common. When that happens, your channel suffers a lot, which can take a toll on the overall engagement. Thus it is quite a good idea to keep more than the required ideas ready for posting before opening your channel. This would ensure that you do not run out of ideas, at least for the first few months, crucial to building a viewer base.

Top 5 Ideas to Create Engaging Youtube Videos

There are thousands of ideas for videos for Youtube on your channel. Here are five of the best ideas that you can begin with for your Youtube channel and increase engagement eventually to create a Youtube video as an established channel.

  1. Introductory Video

An introductory video is required for a new channel, and you can make an intro with the help of a youtube intro maker. This video gives an overview of your channel to the prospective viewer base. Introduce your viewers to yourself, your views, your channel, and the type of content you will post on the channel. If your viewer base has a prerequisite knowledge about you and your channel, it becomes easier for them to digest your content.

  1. Review Videos
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Review videos are an excellent attraction for viewers. Review videos are also helpful at the same time since they help many viewers get original and first-hand reviews on many products. Starting from mobile phones and laptops to cameras and many other products and even movies and books, creators are up for creating review videos on a whole lot. Some of the most trending review videos rank when you review new products. Eventually, alongside getting engagement, you would also get sponsorship details from various brands for reviewing their products. Ensure that you provide to-the-point and honest reviews. This ensures that you guide your audience correctly.

  1. Tutorial Videos

If there is a niche of video even closely popular to review videos, it is tutorial videos. Just like review videos, tutorial videos are essential for the audience. Posting tutorial videos aim to explain to the viewers how to use a particular video. These videos are pretty engaging and favourite for the audience. Make sure that you provide genuine tutorials for the products you explain in a video.

  1. Vines

Vines are also a trending niche of videos. Although there is much competition in this niche, you can scale quickly if you manage to create a Youtube video that is unique. Vine videos usually consist of short comedy skits unique to every creator. These videos provide bits of comedy and messages and have attracted a vast audience across Youtube over the last couple of years.

  1. Reaction Videos

Reaction videos are highly trending these days. Usually, reaction videos are done when you watch another trending video for the first time and record your reactions and emotions live. The videos which are reacted on can be from any niche and creator. These videos are highly engaging to the audience. More often than not, these videos also contain your opinion on the video that you are reacting to. Although there can be mixed reactions from your audience according to your opinion, it is better not to be phased by that.

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Wrapping Up

The key to increasing engagement for your videos on Youtube is to create unique content. Moreover, consistency holds much importance when you are building your channel. You need to select a proper time gap in which you will post your videos. Use other social media platforms to let your audience know when your next video will appear.

All these tips and examples are essential. You can always improvise such ideas and tips to increase your engagement. If you stay consistent with your posting, eventually, you can gain establishment.