When a rugby referee suffered a broken leg


Rugby is an extremely physical sport. Also, players are permanently subject to contact. While rugby players tend to be extremely loyal, injuries can still occur from time to time. Currently, you can visit bd betting site 1xBet, which features countless rugby matches and competitions.

However, what is extremely weird and unusual is when referees suffer those kinds of serious injuries. This is exactly what happened to Mathieu Raynal, who was the referee of a match between Racing Métro and Montpellier of the French League. Right now, it is possible to visit the betting site 1xBet bd, which also features the French rugby competition.

A freak accident

In order to remember what happened on that day with the referee, it is necessary to travel all the way back to the 8th of March 2013. When visiting http://1xbetbd.com/live, fans will come across multiple wagering opportunities on rugby matches from all over the world.

The match went totally fine. However, a player took the ball and attempted to run with it. Unfortunately for the referee, he was caught right in the middle of the player’s run. Both the player and the referee fell.

Those who were watching the match on TV could really see that something very bad had happened. The sound of something breaking was clearly audible. Also, since Raynal had a microphone in his face, his screams could be heard by everybody watching the TV broadcast. For those who want to place live wagers on many rugby matches, 1xBet is the best place to do so.

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Return to the activity

The diagnosis of Raynal’s injury was devastating. It was found out that he had suffered a broken tibia and fibula, meaning that he would be out of the activity for many months. Those who want to make great wagers on multiple rugby competitions should visit the 1xbetbd.com/line/ platform now.

Eventually, the referee returned to the activity in February 2014, exactly 11 months after the accident. Since then, Raynal has been refereeing in matches from competitions like:

  • The French Top 14;
  • the EPCR Challenge Cup;
  • the European Rugby Champions Cup;
  • and even many Test Matches among national teams.

Additionally, the referee has had apparitions on youth international rugby competitions. This puts Mathieu Raynal among the best rugby referees in the entire European continent. This part of the world has lots of great rugby competitions, and to wager on them, visiting 1xBet is the best decision.