The Perfect Designer Glasses for Women


The scorching summer heat waves need to be filtered away from our eyes. We must take some health measures to protect our eyes from these harmful sunlight waves. You can save yourself with the aid of a hat that gives shadow and also with sunglasses in summer. Moreover, in winter, sunglasses are a must because harmful UV rays damage the eye so badly that it leads to eye allergies, retinal damage, or even to eye cancers.

GlassesShop is one of the brands of Sunglasses and prescription glasses. It offers glasses for every face shape and color.

  • Circular, oval
  • Rectangular
  • Cat eyeglasses

This article revolves around designer glasses frames for women. So read on!

The trendy designer glasses:

Trendy designer glasses frames for women that can be purchased from glassesShop. They are of different types. These designs have some explanations below:

Cat eyeglasses:

These are most common in women and are considered fashionable. They look best in summer because they cover most of the eye area and are also trendy and graceful eyeglasses. Cat eyeglasses with different designs are available at the glassesshop and will meet your demands. You will have a plentiful variety of colors and sizes. So choose accordingly…

Narrow frames: Such cat glasses have upturned wings that give a wider and long look to your face and balance the square-shaped faces.

Rimless or semi-rimless faces: Such eyeglasses function best for diamond-shaped faces.

Wider cat eyeglasses: These frames are best for faces with a heart shape.

Frames with broad rims: The frames having these broader rims are the best for oval face shapes.

Broad angular cat eyeglasses: If you have fuller thick cheeks, you should choose these glasses

Aviator-inspired cat eyeglasses: People with pear faces should wear the frames with aviator-inspired glasses.

Circular glasses:

They fit best for round and oval faces because they balance facial features and make them fit with the dimensions of frames. Circular glasses are the best option for faces with some sharp extended features. However, circular glasses shape every face because of the circular aspect. This aspect complements the triangular faces, and the square faces beautifully.

Circular glasses contour features by highlighting the cheekbones. Circular glasses are made for you if you have a narrow hairline, bulky cheeks, and a small chin. Oval faces and round faces should choose circular frames. Because they have a width a bit wider than the wide dimension of your face. These circular glasses fit best for:

  • Square
  • Round
  • Heart-shaped 

Rectangle glasses:

Square faces have sharp and extended sharp features. They must wear rectangular frames to highlight their features. The rounded edges frame will sharpen the edged face. The best contrast to your square face is the rectangular frame. It will help mild your sharp edges. It will make your features look smooth and creditable. Rimless and semi-rimless are add-ons in the styling of the frames.


The fashionable designer glasses frames for women are discussed above. Over time, the ozone layer around the atmosphere is depleting day by day, which causes harmful rays to come to the earth easily. That’s why people must be aware of eye protection. Choose these trendy glasses to give yourself a cool look.