4 Concrete Coatings to Choose From For Your Home Renovation


Concrete floor coatings protect the flooring materials at home. Doing so provides a safe area for many activities. And convenience for those who use the space in and out of your properties.

Now that all of the year is approaching, you may be planning for a quick and last-minute renovation. The floors would need your attention since it is part of the home’s foundation. 

So with today’s post, learn the four typical options to provide protection and safety improvement to the floorings. 

Floor Coating Unwrapped: Four Picks for home improvement

There are four specific types of floor coatings that you could use to enhance slip resistance and functionality within every particular room in your house. 

Aside from safety and non-slip functions, you would also want easy-to-maintain flooring surfaces. This is mainly for busy and necessary messy spaces like the garage area. Or the kitchen where food and drink spill. Our Las Vegas concrete coatings experts commonly observe that clients want to spend less time cleaning the followers. And not all the time, the vacuum works with tough, sticky stains. You need to save time to tend to the floor and be able to manage other more essential duties at home. For that specific need, there is a flooring solution you can use. 

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1- Epoxy flooring for the moist and high traffic areas at home

Epoxy floor coatings and sealers have many variants that you can choose from. Here are some of them:

  • Clear epoxy coatings
  • Self-leveling epoxy
  • Vapor barrier coatings
  • Slurry epoxy
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You may want a simple and polished look for the kitchen. Then you can use a clear epoxy coating. That gives a sleek, clean, and bright look to kitchen floors, and it will provide the space with a sense of order and cleanliness. You need to use this to make sure of a bacteria-free kitchen area.

Epoxy also comes in many styles and customization, like colored epoxy floors. Epoxy coatings can be mixed with vinyl chips and paints that you can create unique colors and tones for making the floors look more fun and exciting. You can design the floor in your retail stores but also have it among your homes. 

With a decorative epoxy floor coating, you can transform an ordinary garage into a more functional game room or showroom for your hobbies. 

The other specialized epoxy coatings allow even the hard-worn spaces to have their natural concrete floor appeal back to life. The self-leveling components help treat the deep cracks that form on the surface of the floorings.

2- Acrylic floor coatings for minimal traffic areas

Acrylic coatings are best used in low-traffic spaces. His could be in your hallways or transition rooms that you would rarely use. Also, this would be suitable for floor areas where only a few people walk in and out. These could be a private office or a sunroom in your home that you reserve for guests when you need a welcome area. 

A sunroom patio where you hang or chill when it’s daytime would be perfect with floors covered with acrylic coatings. The material has good heat stability, so it won’t crack when exposed to heat. 

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You can mix acrylic coatings to your outdoor decorative concrete floors like pool decks or patios, walkways, and driveways. However, some of the outdoor areas are exposed to high foot traffic. In this case, the acrylic coating would play an enhancer to the existing concrete floor with epoxy or stained concrete finish.

3- Polyaspartic, polyurethane coatings for hardcore floors

The polyurea-poly aspartic coatings are a cousin to epoxy floors explicitly designed for garage areas and other hardcore spaces. 

What separate thsi fri wpxy is its hgh heatflexbility. It gives aid where epoxy lacks. Epoxy coatings break under extreme heat while polyaspartic floors do not. 

This is all because of the aliphatic compound that helps the material expand when heated so it won’t crack. Have you garage areas where heat engine and hot tires always touched the floors. That would help you save time from cleaning and maintaining hardcore floor stains.

4- Conventional floor for temporary and quick fixes

Flor paints may seem too outdated compared to the first three materials mentioned above. Hover, the use f paint would not get old, and many homeowners would still prefer to use it. 


It is because the paint is accessible and very user-friendly. You can quickly go to your nearest supply store and buy pints of floor paints, especially when you need a quick refinishing of your concrete floors that need protection from moisture and other damaging elements. 

Floro paints work well with various flooring materials like concrete and wood. Plus, it is easy to use that fits you if you’re an avid DIYer.

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The best choice is up to you. But to make your life easy, review again what’s discussed above. Depending on your needs for your home renovation, your floor coating of choice would be perfect. For specialized floor coatings, consult expert flooring contractors to bring youth the best result.