3 reasons to throw a surprise party for your friend! 


Surprise parties are fun, especially when you are the one who got surprised by a group of friends. But, organizing a surprise party is also a lot of fun, since you are in charge of everything that might happen during the night. You can think about how to ‘kidnap’ your friend to the party, who will be invited and what kinds of drinks will be served. Luckily, there are plenty of reasons to throw a surprise party for one of your friends, it doesn’t stop at ‘birthday bash’! So, hang those garlands, buy the nicest party attributes via a Headshop and throw that party! Read through the blog to see on which occasions you can throw a surprise party! 

Hello/goodbye party

Is your friend planning to go on a foreign adventure and aiming to stay away for a few months? Of course, you are going to miss her or him very much… the perfect way to say goodbye to your friend is by throwing him a party. You could decorate the place with the flags of the country your friend is going to and make sure that you are serving local and cultural food from that specific country. On the contrary, when your friend is returning from such a foreign adventure, it would be the perfect time to throw a surprise party as well; welcome back! 

Getting a degree

It does not matter which degree your friend is getting; every degree is worth throwing a surprise party for him or for her! When you are having a party because your friend finished his or her studies, it would be very nice to make sure the party will begin when your friend is coming back from his or her graduation ceremony! Make sure that there is a big ‘congratulations-flag’ in front of the house, and let’s get that party going! 

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Surprise dinner

Of course, throwing a party for your friend is very fun, but on the contrary, it would be very valuable if you give a small dinner for your friend, just with her or his closest friends. In this way, your friend really gets the chance to catch up with everyone, for example when coming back from a backpack adventure or when he or she lost his thoughts in their thesis last period before getting the degree! And eventually, it is very plausible that this dinner would also end in a party, why else would you be friends!