SARMs (Selective Estrogenic Receptor Modulators) are extremely popular in the bodybuilding world with people who are looking for a faster muscle building aid but do not want to use synthetic anabolics. And among the most sought after SARMs is Trestolone.

Trestolone Acetate for sale is an experimental androgen and drug used for high progesterone levels (a sex hormone needed to balance the ovarian cycle) that was originally developed with male birth control and andropause frame replacement in mind.

However, it has been observed that this drug can be used to improve aesthetic results in bodybuilding by increasing its dosage and promoting a set of fast and dense muscles. Increase strength and other benefits, with low side effects.

What is Trestolone Ment?

Trestolone Acetate also known as Testomax, Testosaurus, RAD140, is one anabolic synthetic created in 2010 by Radius Pharmaceuticals. Its molecular formula is called 7α-methyl-19-nortestosterone (MENT)

It got this name, ending in “lonely”, because it has aspects close to Primobolan (Methenolone), one of the most famous anabolic from the very beginning of weight training.

This anabolic was originally developed to prevent muscle loss, treat andropause (climacteric), prevent intense bone loss with age, and prevent breast cancer.

 It does not have the ability to bind to prostate or vesicle receptors, making its side effects on these organs virtually zero. Therefore, this substance is much more anabolic than androgenic.

What are the benefits of Trestolone Acetate?

Trestolone for sale is an anabolic that produces gains with low levels of fluid retention and at a significant rate. With that in mind, you can expect noticeable initial gains as well as increased blood flow and muscle volume. For one course of trestolone, you can gain from 4 to 5 kg, which is quite significant, since these gains will be dry and without water retention, that is, they will not be lost after the end of the course, as with other anabolic.

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Another benefit is increased strength during the cycle; however, we must say that these benefits will not be as powerful as in the case of other anabolic steroids such as oxymetholone, o dianabol or even nandrolone.

Ment for sale will not directly help burn body fat, especially since it does not bind strongly to androgen receptors. However, I am making it clear that the mere increase in muscle mass, coupled with an increase in basal metabolic rate, causes your body to naturally consume more energy and this can contribute on a large scale to aid in eventual cutting (fat removal).

Are there side effects when using Ment Trestolone?

SARMs do not have as many side effects as synthetic steroids, but this does not mean that they do not have an undesirable effect on the body.

Trestolone acetate Ment will affect liver enzymes. You will need to use some type of hepatoprotector (drugs that protect the liver) during your cycle, such as silymarin or TUDCA. In addition, a good diet is essential to reduce these damages.

On the other hand, this substance does not cause hair loss, prostate cancer, acne, and other androgenic effects, nor significantly increase the level of estrogen in the body (it can be said that it will not smell).

For the side effects to be low as mentioned above, it is always important to respect the dosage of their use and gradually carry out your cycles, always keeping good PCT (Post Cycle Therapy).

How is Trestolone for sale used?

A recommended starting dose is around 20-50 mg per day, but it is always interesting that you can always start with the lowest possible doses, especially if you are already using other substances.

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The initial Trestolone Ment cycle should last an average of 6-8 weeks. You can also use it along with anabolic steroids if you are cycling.

Trestolone acetate for sale (like most SARMs) is not used by injection, but by mouth. That is, you will not draw liquid into a syringe and inject it into your body, but you will use a dropper, put drops in your mouth and swallow the liquid.

How to course with Trestolone?

Using trestolone acetate alone can bring satisfactory results for those who do not expect much or do not need a lot. For those who want a significant increase in muscle mass with low fluid retention and muscle that will remain after the course, Trestolone Ment alone will not be able to give such results.

Thus, ideally you should combine Trestolone acetate with other SARMs or other synthetic anabolic. And the best way to do this effectively and without risk is to seek the help of qualified professionals.