Top 6 Fashionable Accessories For Women 2022


Fashionable women’s accessories complement the look, highlight the natural beauty, add a certain “zest” to the look. Therefore, it is simply necessary to know what fashion accessories will be in fashion. So, what do the designers of world fashion houses and wholesale fashion accessories 2022 supplier recommend to us in the autumn-winter 2022-2023 season?

High Gloves

High gloves are one of the hottest accessory trends of the fall-winter season. It looks like a fashionable protest – after all, the lockdown forced us to wear latex gloves that are not at all glamorous. Well, now the glamor is back – with hope for a better future.


Designers offer to wear high gloves not only to the theater, but also with capes, outerwear with short sleeves, and simply with everyday things in a casual style. Examples that designers have proposed for the new season are in the collections of Jil Sanders, Sportmax s and Elie Saab.


An alternative to dramatic high gloves are mittens. Moreover, not at all the ones that our grandmothers knitted for us: Dhgate offers various mittens, similar to boxing gloves, Miu Miu also has mittens made of fur, but high, up to the elbow. Sacai also listed knitted models, but their length is not at all traditional – the same as that of “opera” gloves.

Scarves and Scarves

Scarves in the new season will act not only as a trendy headdress, but also as a silk scarf. The designers of the Courreges and Victoria Beckham brands offered to tie a scarf around the neck. To make the look stylish and short, they suggest using plain options or scarves with discreet prints.

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Fashion Belts

Highlight your waist by adding a fashionable touch to your look – all this can be done with a belt. In the autumn-winter collections, designers offered fashionable women to add literally everything that is possible with these accessories – from light slip dresses to fur coats.

The most popular were wide belts with large buckles (such were presented by Lanvin, Carolina Herrera and Blumarine), corset belts (Loewe, Alaia and Schiaparelli) andjewelry belts made of chains dotted with pearls, pendants and logo letters (such multi-tiered designs were at Dolce & Gabbana, Blumarine and Marine Serre shows).


Fashion glasses for the next season must be large. And the more, the better. Such sunglasses will make you look glamorous and attractive. On the other hand, they will perfectly protect from prying eyes and (if we are suddenly lucky with the weather) sunlight or blinding white snow in winter. Similar models can be found in the collections on Dhgate, Nanushka, Max Mara and Balenciaga brands.

Baguette Bag With Pendant

One of the trends of this season is a laconic baguette bag. However, here the severity of the forms is diluted with butterfly pendants, which are attached to two chains along the entire side surface of the bag. A good thing is that this decoration can be unfastened and once again give the bag a discreet look. These bags with pendant are available in 23 multiple colors.