The trilby and fedora hats are not the same – Know the difference before you choose one

trilby and fedora hats

The hat world is delightful and vibrant. If you read about the different hat styles, you will notice the multiple hat types available both for men and women. And until you are a hat expert or have a business in hat-making, it is challenging to remember the distinct differences between similar-looking hats. And many times, men and women confuse two distinct and separate hats as one category. For the same reason, people often think that the trilby and the fedora are the same. If you have done this in the past, this article is for you to know the difference in trilby and fedora hats. 

Both the trilby and fedora have some striking similarities. There are a few subtle differences that set the trilby and the fedora hat apart. And that can make you curious to know about the differences so that you can distinguish between both. But if you want o know the differences, you will have to delve deep into their individual histories, the variations, the make, design, and the materials. Alternatively, if you want to buy one or both, you can join hands with an expert hat maker specializing in designer andbig hats for men, and they will be able to tell you the difference in trilby and fedora hats. 

A brief history

Since both the trilby and the fedora have a similar historical origin, they got destined for all the comparisons they face today. According to facts, the fedora made it to the hat universe as a popular accessory with Sardou’s play “Fedora” back in 1882. And walking on similar lines, the trilby also got used on stage to adapt a novel by George du Maurier’s back in 1894. It was during the middle of the 20th century that the fedora became less prominent. Are you thinking, why did this happen? The reason is that in the 1970s, it became prominent and got brought back to the fashion scene back in the first half of the 1980s. If you look at celebrities like Brad Pitt and Justin Timberlake, you will find them sporting the trilby. On the other hand, if you look at Johnny Depp, you will find him always opting in for a stylish fedora. 

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The hat materials

You might realize that there is an exception to the rule – but the fedoras and trilby hats get made using different materials. Since the trilby hat is looked upon as a casual style accessory, it gets designed and constructed with fashionable and reasonably priced materials such as wool and straw. On the other hand, the fedora is made using similar materials like wool, high-end animal fur, and Panama weave. And if you think that both the trilby and the fedora area are attractive, you might want to know when it is correct to wear this hat. Are you searching for something casual yet classy to wear with your daily outfit? If yes, the fedora and trilby can both do justice. But on the other end, if you wish to sport a classic look, the fedora is your best friend as it will give you an edge over others. 

Delve into the hat style and construction

Even after researching about both these hats, you might still have questions about their style. The visual difference between these two hat styles is indeed subtle. However, once you start reading about these hats, you will be able to detect the differences. You will also realize what you should search for. The distinctive traits of the fedora hat style are that it has a deep center dent and a pinched crown.

You can also look at the hat brim size and know whether it’s a fedora or a trilby. Typically, fedoras are known for their larger brims which you can snap down or up for sporting various looks. On the other hand, a trilby has a short brim and gets fixed at a specific downward angle, creating a dramatic impact. On the other hand, a trilby also possesses a teardrop crown but is less exaggerated. You can research and know the best ways to sport both hats so that they can complement your look. 

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The final decision

Are you having a challenging time deciding which hat style will be good for you? If yes, then the best answer is this – try both the trilby and the fedora. Both the hat styles are unique and timeless and have joyfully co-existed through the years and have their distinct merits that you can discover once you start to wear them. The qualities of thehat make them suitable for certain situations. You might be searching for a chic fedora to pair with your designer outfit. On the other hand, another day you might want to sport a black trilby with casual jeans and a shirt for a lunch date or an evening gathering with friends. When you choose both these hats, you can get the best of both worlds, which gives you an edge over others in style. 

Contrast Between Trilby and Fedora Hats

Showing up at a semi-formal occasion donning a fleece fedora and a tweed jacket can make you the night’s neat masterpiece. Or then again you can jimmy a tight-overflowed trilby onto your vault while wearing an aircraft coat and washed-out pants without submitting a style “tactless act” at the theater. A trilby and fedora cap are handily confused with each other, so what’s the distinction?

Trilby Hats: A Basic Overview

Trilby caps date back to the 1894 novel (and later play) Trilby, where a female entertainer donned this unmistakably sharp-overflowed, low-riding cap during the play’s London stage creation. When an extravagance cap promoted by the rich horse race bettors, the trilby returned to a more easygoing and stylish examine the advanced design time.

This limited overflowed cap has a sharp and improved back overflow, somewhat descending calculated front edge, and profound focused tear crown. Presently built with unbiased shaded brilliant easygoing materials (tweed or straw) and worn shifted back, trilbies are stylish staples for modern gentlemen at get-togethers like semi-formal suppers where sportcoats and overcoats are great.

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Fedora Hats: A Basic Overview

Fedora caps follow back to the 1882 French stage play, Fédora, with the show’s courageous woman — Princess Fédora Romanov — donning this extraordinary squeezed cap while challenging nineteenth century sexual orientation assumptions. Fedoras are as yet a current design articulation, however not as a relaxed touch like numerous unpracticed gentlemen accept.

The wide-overflowed (2-4″) fedora is a semi-formal cap with an unmistakable tear molded crown and for the most part level, round overflow. Fedoras sit low and hang simply over the temple line, making these upscale covers more useful for safeguarding the eyes from daylight and matching fancier clothing like wedding tuxes and jackets consistently.

Trilby Hats versus Fedora Hats: Which One Should You Choose?

Assuming that you’re actually discussing whether a trilby or fedora will praise your vintage, immortal, and exemplary semi-formal look, consider the total head-to-toe outfit:

Wear a Trilby in the event that You’re…

  • Focusing on “refinement” or smooth
  • Going to a semi-formal occasion (no dark tie occasions)
  • Wearing a closed up coat, fitted shirt, tight jeans, and loafers
  • Searching for headwear suitable during the cool cold weather months
  • Going to a rigorously open air occasion (appropriate manners says to take it off as you slip inside)
  • Not wearing other perceptible embellishments, similar to shades

Wear a Fedora assuming You’re…

  • Focusing on expert and vintage
  • Going to a conventional supper, wedding, or tasteful social events (straw)
  • Wearing a sharp jacket, jacket, or tuxedo
  • More modest or less sturdy (for appropriate extents)
  • Wanting to match the season (straw for summer, fleece mixes for winter)
  • Not wanting sun-eye security, visiting the ocean side, or lying poolside


The two fedoras and trilbies stay stylish in 2022, yet not all outfits (or occasions) network with these unobtrusively refined caps. As such, thudding an exquisite tweed trilby on your head while brandishing a dim khaki raincoat shouts “in style.” But blending a tipped fedora with a plain dark V-neck and tore Levis can make even the most immortal cap look raunchy.