Sunglasses For Your Winter Wardrobe: What’s Trending?


Winters are in, and this doesn’t mean that you should be putting your sunglasses away. Sunglasses are a must-have accessory all year round, and hence, don’t forget to add them to your winter wardrobe.

You no longer have to spend large amounts on sunglasses as there are super stylish options available online at pocket-friendly prices. If you are looking to buy cheap sunglasses, heading over the internet is your way to go. And to fine-tune your choice with the trending styles, here is a list of trending sunglasses for this winter season. Read on!

Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses are one of the most trending styles of sunglasses for a long time now, and they can be spotted all over the streets. If you are looking for something funky, your best pick would be oversized sunnies. Combining boldness with a touch of fun, oversized sunglasses are all set to be one of the hottest trends this winter. 

Oversized frames have a great utility too because you are ensured a wider field of vision and more peripheral coverage of your eyes with these styles. Some trending styles to keep your eyes on include the chunky acetate frames in pastel shades and also retro square style in oversized frames.

Round Sunglasses

Another addition to this list of trending sunglasses for this winter is the timeless round sunglasses – a style that has been around probably since the time eyewear originated. Although these styles have a minimalist structure, they carry a very high style quotient.

Coming to the variants that you should look to style this winter, metal round sunglasses with relatively smaller frames are great for those who love to keep the retro element high. To add a bit of contrast into your style, you can complement the round style with striking tortoiseshell patterns. These patterns impart contrast and maintain balance simultaneously, which is brilliant if you need enhancement of your facial features.

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Geometric Sunglasses

With geometric frames, a sophisticated style with excessive class is guaranteed. Geometric sunglasses redefine style with their frames adopting various offbeat shapes, which they do by combining sides and angles in different ways.

From the conventional hexagon or octagon shapes to the offbeat frames with asymmetrical sides and sharp angles, a classic outdoor style statement makes geometric sunglasses highly popular.

Some of the other trending styles that go exceptionally well with geometric sunglasses are geometric aviators and the half-rim frames.

Rectangular Sunglasses

Rectangular sunglasses have been one of the most trending styles of 2022, and their craze is going to remain high this winter too.

For a minimal yet elegant style, going with rectangular sunglasses is a solid option. The wider than taller structure in combination with sharp edges serve as a contrast for facial features associated with round or oval face shapes, and accentuate them brilliantly.

The sleek metal frames, the feathery rimless styles, and chunky acetate frames that are funky are some of the best variants of rectangular sunglasses that are expected to trend this winter.

Clear Frame Sunglasses

The craze around clear frame sunglasses – also known as transparent sunglasses – is at its peak and there is no stopping these styles to make it into the list of trending sunglasses for upcoming winter. These contemporary frames are your ideal all-occasion sunnies. However, when you are looking for an elite style, their glass-like structure will never disappoint.

The polished charm associated with clear frames will make heads turn as you walk around under the sun. Clear frame sunglasses are super simple to pull off as they add a solid enhancement to your facial features and elevate all kinds of outfits.

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The options are manifold when the talk is about clear frame sunglasses, ranging from basic crystal clear frames to bold pairs in light pastel shades. 

Browline Sunglasses

Browline sunglasses are back in the trending charts and are a big craze, especially among those who like to keep things offbeat. 

There is something about the unique structure of browline frames that impart an eye-catching aesthetic to them. The thicker upper rims make the brow area more prominent, whereas wire-framed or slim metallic frames lining the lower portion bring about contrast with balance. This structure also ensures that browline glasses are a perfect fit for all face shapes. 

Coming to the trends, the traditional browline is expected to be a big craze. By traditional, we mean browlines with acetate upper rims in plain colours like black and grey, and wireframe metal lower portion. They are the ones in basic shapes such as round, square and rectangular.

Rimless Sunglasses

The lightweight rimless sunglasses display a smart and sophisticated visual appeal, which is something that is highly desired. Rimless sunglasses have a frameless front, putting the central focus of the pair on the clear lenses and the sleek temples. Since the frameless front doesn’t cause any hindrance to the facial features, you are assured of a perfect enhancement of your facial features with rimless sunglasses.

One of the most trendy options is rectangular rimless sunglasses that are trending like never before. Apart from this, you can also style aviator sunnies in rimless style for an ultra-classic look.