Self-maintenance: “for” or “against”


A car is a very complex machine, the efficiency of which affects not only our financial well-being but also our life and health. JunkCarsUs research shows the importance of the following point, which is often forgotten. After all, you can get caught up in the hardest cars to work on. That’s why it’s important to understand right from the start how to properly operate and maintain your machine.

First, it is necessary to remember: that it is impossible to do without the help of specialists. Service stations offer services of skilled certified professionals and diverse technical equipment, which can not be found at home. The absence of regular professional diagnostics can cause very serious problems for the car and lead to dangerous situations.

That is why JunkCarsUs is pleased to conduct a proper technical inspection and necessary prophylaxis at service stations on the recommended dates. This will help to avoid unnecessary repairs and ensure the reliability of the car.

But the owner of the car can service it himself in the course of technical inspections. How to does it right?


Replacement of consumables

Components and systems of the automobile will serve longer and be safer in case of proper replacement of technical details. Carefully check and renew.

Check and renew the lubrication of the vehicle components. Also, keep an eye on these parts:

  • Oil level. Oil is used to reduce friction between engine parts. Oil is constantly consumed during operation. If there is not enough oil, the engine will overheat and may even be completely out of order.
  • The level and quality of the cooling fluid (antifreeze). This fluid prevents overheating or freezing of the engine, which helps prevent corrosion and damage. The quality of antifreeze determines the level of efficiency of car protection.
  • Cleanliness of the engine air filter. Obstruction of the filter prevents access to fresh air, necessary for engine operation. This reduces power, increases fuel consumption, and may lead to a breakdown.
  • The condition of the gal moving circuit.
  • Correctly filling up the car. Filling up to a full tank will help to avoid frequent trips to gas stations and wasting gasoline on them. Selecting the right one according to the recommendations of the manufacturer will protect the fuel system from damage and ensure reliability.
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Where to buy spare parts

In addition, JunkCarsUs offers several advantages of buying spare parts from an authorized service:

  • You will not have to spend time on the additional work on the installation, adjustment, and finishing.
  • You guarantee yourself and your loved one’s comfort and safety.
  • The service life of the car will depend on how many quality spare parts are used in its repair.
  • You will save on repairs of your car in the future.
  • In addition to regular replacement of consumables, proper maintenance of the car also requires the supervision of individual mechanisms and nodes. One of the most important is the battery.