Investment Strategies for Expats in UAE: Should You Buy or Rent?

Investment Strategies for Expats in UAE: Should You Buy or Rent?

The United Arab Emirates has become a global hub that attracts people from all over the world. Be it numerous business opportunities, wonderful properties, or well-regulated markets, UAE offers a lot to its locals and ex-pats. 

UAE is one of the countries that has performed phenomenally post-pandemic, and the credit goes to the government’s strategic policy-making. The government has been improving its business regulations from the early days, as in 2002, they introduced freehold property ownership for foreigners. Sustainable homes are now a trend. 

In recent years they introduced a golden visa, which is awarded to credible and talented foreigners whose services will be needed in the UAE, which resulted in more investment. 

Despite the golden visa, many people settle in the Emirates for various reasons such as business, residence, or visiting. This raises the question of whether it is better to buy or rent a house, villa, or condo in the UAE? 

Both options have their pros and cons and depend on your nature and duration of stay. No worries, as we have written in detail the benefits and problems of both in the guide written ahead. 

Consider these things before making a choice for eco-friendly houses for sale in the UAE

Duration of Stay

Review your short-term goals before devoting any more time to debating whether you should rent or buy your house in the UAE. Do you intend to stay in the UAE for at least the next five years? 

With all the expenses associated with purchasing a home, you must decide if you’ll stay in the UAE long enough to justify owning an apartment or villa there. Renting a house in the UAE can be a better option for you if you intend to stay for a few years or aren’t yet certain of your intentions. 

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It gives you more freedom to relocate to a different country and is generally a smart choice if you like to wing it. You can notify three weeks prior to the house owner and vacating. 

If you plan on settling down in UAE, then it is better to buy a house in an ideal location.

Financial Differences

One important factor to consider is the cost of property in the UAE. The choice to purchase real estate gets a little bit simpler for people who have relatively constant employment and a consistent source of income.

You are better prepared to invest in real estate in the UAE if you are confident that you can afford the down payment, which is a minimum of 20% for expats, and mortgage payments. 

However, making the initial down payment might be extremely expensive. This is relevant in several ways to renting real estate in the UAE. You assume the risk of a tenancy agreement while considering your financial situation. 

But for a moment, consider this: if you are going to be paying rent every month anyhow, why not contribute to buying your own house? You will own property in the UAE after 5, 10, or even 25 years, which has some major long-term benefits.

Situation of the market

Before making an investment, it makes sense to research the real estate market. Currently, buyers are favored in the UAE real estate market, with good ROI being reported around the emirates. 

Knowing the most recent market conditions might help you decide whether to rent or buy a home in the UAE. The UAE real estate industry is prime for investors since prices have decreased. It’s possible that this won’t remain the case for very long. 


Consider the current state of the real estate market and price trends when making your choice.

Control over Property

The degree of control you want over your home is another rather obvious aspect that could impact your choice. For instance, having a UAE home gives you more freedom to customize and make changes to it. 

In contrast, even the smallest improvements may need a notice of consent (NOC) from the landlord when renting a home to obtain the required permissions. 

Do not forget that having more authority over property as its owner has a price. The landlord normally covers the annual maintenance cost, service fees, and financial responsibility for any repairs or improvements.

Research before Buying

We’re not advocating that you waste years trying to decide, but the UAE, real estate market, is erratic and might not last for very long as a buyers’ market. 

But it’s important that you do your research and choose wisely. If you are new to investing in real estate, learn as much as possible by reading up on forecasts and predicted trends for the next few years, as well as the present market conditions. 

Finding a real estate agent you feel at ease with who is knowledgeable about the region or property you are contemplating and whom you can rely on to guide you in the correct direction is also helpful. People buying property for the first time should wisely select a real estate agent or a brokerage.

Beneficial in Future 

According to experienced investors and market experts, buying a five bedroom villas house in the UAE is better than renting it. This is because when you compare the numbers based on your annual rent and how much your mortgage will be, you will conclude that it is more favorable for expats to buy a house. 

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Although in some regions, it may be different due to external factors. Therefore, it is advised to consult a local market expert in the UAE before making the final decision. 


The most important consideration when deciding whether to rent or buy a home in the UAE is how long you intend to stay there. 

If you’re one of the many people who have grown to call it home, do the math, exercise caution, and research the market before buying a property in the lucrative UAE real estate market. 

However, if you don’t know where you’ll be in a year and want the freedom to migrate to another nation, just rent a lovely house in the UAE until you know what the future holds.