Fun Online Games For Couples

Online Games For Couples

Since we are kids, we love to play. Growing up does not make us lose the need to play. Games are a part of our development into grown adults with skills and knowledge. In the same way, games are a part of couples bonding. Love relationships are stronger if the partners find a way to play with each other, not only in bed but in real life too. Games are fun, make you laugh, and have a good time. Laughter helps the body release endorphins, and cut out stress. You can choose any game you want, card, dice games, or chess. But you have also interesting games available Online Games For Couples-

Nowadays, online games are more fun. They are interactive, have beautiful, interesting graphics, and can include 2, 3, or 4 partners. Also, online video games are the right thing for long-distance couples. You can play online games over video chat. Couples can communicate, make jokes, have fun, and enjoy winning. You can have a date night with your partner at home, and spice up the date with exciting couple games. We have put together a list of online couple games that you can play even if you are miles apart!

Ludo King- interactive and very popular 

Ludo King is very popular. There are over 500 million downloads for this game. Couples love it because it is the revival of the classic Ludo King, a very familiar board game. It has become as loved as Teen Patti gambling card games. The online game platform has one of the largest communities on the internet. You even have the option to log in through Facebook. Is the number one game on App Store Indian in 2021. 

  • These are the basic rules to play Ludo King:
  • There are 2 to 6 players, and every player has 4 tokens
  • Each player has to get all four tokens in the center of the board. The first one to do it is the winner. 
  • A token can move after you roll out a six. If a player rolls six, three times in a row, it skips their turn. 
  • The board has eight safe squares. The tokens need to move around the board to win.
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Is very easy to play with your friends. register online, and select if you want to play alone or create a team. You will be playing the game on your device, but following the rules of the game. 

PUBG. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds sounds dangerous!

PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale game. Is energetic and puts you in a dangerous scenario. You are parachute along with up to a hundred other players on an island. Every player has to look for weapons and equipment to kill others. It is a survival game. The safety area decreases over time. The players are forced into tighter areas. The last player or team wins the round. So, if you are a combative couple, this is the right game for you. Team up and win the battle! 

  • The official PUBG is available only for mobile, but there is a PUBG Mobile emulator so you can play on a laptop or PC. Is now available on Steam, Xbox, Playstation, and Stadia.
  • You can play it anywhere, at any time, answer the call of the battlegrounds. Remember, you will have to win as many chicken dinners as you can. What does this mean? 
  • You start the game with minimal pieces of equipment. Along the way, you have to find weapons and eliminate all the other players. As a reward, you earn a chicken dinner.
  • It is easy to earn chicken dinner if you play with a permanent squad, which is perfect for a couples game. It increases the synergy between the two of you. The movement and coordination are more efficient.

Among Us- the game of the latest generations 

Among Us is an action game released in 2018, but it has caught the attention of the Z and Alpha Generation as well. It is fun and very interactive. In this game, you find yourself on a spaceship, where you will have to either play a Crew member or Imposter. As a crew member, you will team up with other crew members to get rid of the imposters. Also, you have to complete all your tasks on the ship. When you are an Imposter, you have to kill every crew member on board, and also sabotage the ship. 

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Among Us is a teamwork game, that is why it is perfect for you and your partner. Crewmates work together to complete tasks. 

The tasks are simple and obvious. Be always in touch with your crewmates on emergency meetings, or check the admin map and security cameras. Be aware of the Impostor’s sabotages, and vote to eject suspected Impostors. Among Us is compatible with Android devices. But you can play the game on PC, Android, iPhone, and the Nintendo Switch. 

QuizUp- Online Games For Couples

QuizUp is a multiplayer mobile game, available on iPhone and Android. One user competes against another in seven rounds. The round consisted of timed multiple-choice questions of various topics. There are over 1.200 total topics available, with submitted questions. Players start a game by choosing a topic of interest. There are over 1000 available official categories. After the player picks a topic, he can challenge a friend to a match. The player can pair against a random player. Each match consists of six normal rounds and one bonus round. Each player will receive the same question in the first six rounds. He has to answer out of the four responses provided.

QuizUp was removed from the App Store, and on 22 March 2021. It was announced on the QuizUp app that the game is being discontinued. Similar QuizUp games are now available on iPhone and Android. You can choose from more than 25 similar games. Also, the trivia game creators came up with a different product, launching Trivia Royale, built on the TeaTime Live Games platform.

Song Pop 2-most popular music Trivia Game- Online Games For Couples

This is a game perfect for music lovers that can help themselves when it comes to singing. All you have to do is guess the song from a musical quiz. You can play it with your partner, at home, on your mobile, or you can play online with people from all around the world. Is perfect for long-distance couples. Challenge your girlfriend or your boyfriend with this trivia game. You are going to love it because it includes songs from all musical styles, you name it… there are over 200,000 songs on over 3,400 playlists.

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You have to select a themed playlist. Five songs will play, and the players compete against each other. They have to select the correct song title or artist. You have 4 options to choose from. The idea is to answer as fast as you can to win points. Players have the option to remove two of the songs by using song note chips. If you want to get used to the game before competing, you can play alone for the first time. You will compete against a computer-controlled opponent.

Tic Tac Toe- a game for all ages- Online Games For Couples

This never-aging game you can play in two so is perfect for couples. You can play it on your phone, PC, or laptop if you are together or apart because you can play it online too. 

There are two players, who place the marks X and O in one of the nine empty square spaces. It is simple, manageable, no universally-agreed rule on who plays first, or things like that. The game always ends in a draw, making tic-tac-toe a futile game.

Tic-tac-toe’s incidence structure consists of nine points. There are three horizontal lines, and three vertical lines. They form two diagonal lines, with each line consisting of at least three points.


Having fun as a couple is not a challenge if you have the right resources. Online, mobile, and PC games bond people, but also make them compete. Competing with your partner makes the relationship more interesting. Choose the game that fits your personality, and let the fun begin! Remember, it is not a struggle, it is a game! Play with love, be passionate!