Cat Eye Prescription Sunglasses: What All You Need to Know

Cat Eye Prescription Sunglasses: What All You Need to Know

The eyes are a valuable faculty of your body as they allow you to see everything around you. Sight or Eyesight is one of the five basic human senses. Your body receives sensory information through the eyes. You get to see the beautiful world with the help of your eyes. Your eyesight is one of the biggest gifts given by God to you.

But just like other faculties of the human body, the eyes also can get weakened over time. That’s why many old people suffer from poor eyesight. They wear eyeglasses or spectacles that are made according to the power of their eyes. The power of the eyes is determined by the eye specialists using the latest equipment.

However, in today’s time, problems related to eyesight are not limited to people of old age. Even youngsters and children face difficulties when it comes to their vision. Many factors can be attributed to this phenomenon, for example, lack of proper nutrition, excessive use of gadgets, and absence of exercise. People who wear glasses and who need to wear glasses – both – are increasing in number day by day.

Therefore, the market for spectacles or eyeglasses keeps growing. New players enter the industry frequently to meet the ever-rising demand of customers. Local spectacle shops and large eyewear companies continually try to come up with new designs and styles for eyeglasses frames.

In today’s time, a huge variety of designs, shapes, and colors of frames for eyeglasses is available. Spectacle, which is a medical tool for correcting vision, has become a fashionable accessory today. People choose the types of frames that are trendy.

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Along with frames, the glasses are also available in different types. You can find anti-glare glasses, blue-light blocking glasses, and many other types of glasses. When people buy eyeglasses, they spend a considerable amount of time selecting the types of glasses and frames. Whether you want to go for a nerdy look, a cool look, a glamorous look, or a professional look, there are frames for every look.

But what about the protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays) of the sun? When you step outside, you have to encounter the harsh elements of nature. One such element is sunlight. The heat and light coming from the sun affect the eyes, skin, and hair of people. Sun emits harmful UV rays that can provide damage to you. People wear sunglasses to get protection from these harmful rays.

So, spectacle shops and eyewear companies have started manufacturing prescription sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses are similar to prescription eyeglasses. They are made according to the power of your eyes as determined by your ophthalmologist. These sunglasses provide you with protection from sun rays. 

What are Cat Eye Prescription Sunglasses? Why Should You Get Them?

As we mentioned earlier in this blog post, several types of frames are available in the market for people who want to buy prescription eyeglasses. The same is the case with prescription sunglasses. If you opt to buy sunglasses rather than regular eyeglasses, it does not mean that you get devoid of the large variety that people enjoy. You can choose from a wide range of frames to get your sunglasses manufactured.

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One of the most popular frames is ‘Cat Eye’, which is both timeless and trendy. In other words, the cat eye frame has been an evergreen choice, but still, it’s considered a modern frame. This frame got its name due to its shape, which resembles the eyes of a cat. When you wear eyeglasses or sunglasses with the cat eye frame, you get a cat look that is mostly seen in pop culture (music videos, movies, etc.).

Cat eye prescription sunglasses are an ideal choice for all occasions. You can wear them at home and outside the home. As the cat eye frame is neither too simple nor too bold, it looks perfect on every occasion. The cat eye frame is one of the most popular eyeglasses frames that can be considered classic or vintage.

Although it’s generally said that cat eye frames are best suited for people who have a round-shaped face, others also look good when they wear cat eye glasses. The appeal of the cat eye frames is so unique that they can suit every person irrespective of their facial features.

Moreover, if you are opting to buy sunglasses rather than regular eyeglasses, it means that you spend a significant amount of your time outside. When you are outside amidst people for studies, work, meetings, or any other reason, you should wear glasses that look stylish. Cat eye glasses have an irresistible style factor that is liked by both men and women.

When you shop for sunglasses with cat eye frames, you might come across a vast array of styles and colors. You can select the frame that meets your requirements in terms of your desired look and style statement. You can also consider factors like durability, thickness, and budget.

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Amidst choosing the design, you should not forget about the size. You need to buy sunglasses in the right size. You should ensure that the glasses you get made fit you perfectly. Tight or loose glasses can make you feel uncomfortable. They can also become a hamper in your day-to-day activities.

Therefore, while choosing the frame, you should wear it to check if it fits you properly or not. If you visit an offline store, i.e., a physical store, to buy prescription sunglasses, you can try different frames to check size and style. If you like a certain frame, but it doesn’t fit you, there is no need to worry at all. You can ask the employees at the store to alter the size of the frame you have selected.

But if you decide to buy prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses from an online store, you should choose a reliable store. You need to pick a store that discloses all the relevant information about every frame they sell. The store should offer incredible customer service so that you don’t face trouble if something goes wrong after you have bought the sunglasses. 

Final Thoughts

Buying prescription sunglasses from an online store can save you a lot of time. If you are lucky, you might get attractive offers or discount coupons that can lighten the burden on your pocket.