Best Black Party Theme Decorations Ideas


Black color looks very stylish and elegant, and all-black gizmos instantly draw attention. And you know, you don’t have to wait until Halloween or be a goth to organize a stylish black party at home!

This theme is perfect for any birthday, graduation, bachelorette party; sometimes people even arrange all-black weddings! Here, it’s all about the design: if you manage to make your decorations look stunning, then your party will be a great success! Use beautiful black high-quality draperies, experiment with black lampshades, use black paper to create garlands with various patterns, and, of course, do not forget about the amazing black balloons, which are a big trend today!

Now we will share with you the top decor ideas for your perfect black party!


Black balloons look very elegant and sophisticated: they can instantly create the atmosphere you need for your Black Party!

Install an arch at the entrance, arrange balloon bouquets in the corners of the room, launch helium balloons under the ceiling, scatter black balloons of various sizes on the floor in front of your photo zone.

Large transparent balloons with black objects inside look extremely beautiful: these can be smaller black balloons or feathers.

Here is another good idea: pick up some large LED balloons (opt for the transparent ones), wrap them with a thick black wool thread and turn on the light inside — such a decor looks just magical!

Festive draperies

Second-hand fabric stores always have a huge selection of quality fabrics that you can buy inexpensively and use for your stylish black party! You can use it to create curtains, tablecloths, bedspreads, or chair covers for your party.

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Using a stencil and white fabric paint, you can apply some interesting patterns to your black fabric, which will make the draperies look astounding! You can also sew black pillow covers, create simple lips- or heart-shaped pillows. Using scraps of black satin fabric, you can make beautiful bows for chairs or garters for curtains.

Huge black dice

We bet these stunning decorations will impress everyone in no time! For this, you will need simple cardboard boxes, black paint, as well as a stencil and white paint for creating dots. Then, arrange them in front of your photo zone against a white background!

Instead of creating dots on your boxes, you can write a white letter on each box and then assemble a special message with them!


The light that comes through the black cover gives cozy, mysterious lighting. Experiment with lampshades: you can always use black paper pom-poms for that.

Hang a few LED garlands on one of the walls, and then cover it with black translucent fabric, decorate it with gold and silver stars, crescents, and tinsel — such a wall will look just stunning!

Black + silver combinations

Since silver favorably complements black, feel free to use silver and silver-plated items such as vintage dinner sets and retro candle holders in your festive interior.

Also, you can use these ideas in decor, they look very nice:

  • tall black candles in silver candleholders;
  • silver goblets with black bows;
  • black balloon garland and a silver tinsel curtain;
  • silver vases with black roses;
  • black satin napkins held together with silver holders.
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When organizing your perfect black-themed party, you’ll want to make sure that the appetizers match the theme of your party. Well, that’s easy:

  • squid ink noodles;
  • black burgers;
  • black bagels;
  • olives;
  • eggplant;
  • dark beans;
  • black sweet pepper;
  • black tomatoes;
  • grapes, currants, cherries, blackberries;
  • black chocolate, ice cream, macarons, icing, cocoa.